Indian Traditional – Wedding Theme

Wedding theme are difficult task to execute and special when you are considering the traditions of some other origin like you are staying in the USA and want your ceremony to be as per the Indian traditions. There are so many obstacles when you are planning your wedlock like this. But it is really going to be a memorable experience not only for you but for the guests also.

Indian tradition and customs are so lovely that you just have one word to say i.e. phenomenal. Let see how you can plan and execute your Indian style wedding in the USA. Before starting with it lets have a look what all we are going to include in your marriage. There are many rituals took place in Asian style nuptials but we will include only those which make your wedding an incredible one.

Indian wedding invitations

Wedding attire: If we are talking about the Indian style marriage, your B-day costume should be purely Indian traditional one; ‘Lehenga’ for the bride and ‘Sherwani’ for the groom. And how can I forget bridesmaid, of course they are going to wear ‘Saree’. Indian tradition is not just about the costume but you have to wear accessories also like bangles, nose ring, head gear, earring extra. If it is possible for the bride to arrange all this, she would definitely look gorgeous.

Henna Ceremony with your bridal shower: plan your bridal shower 2-3 days before your wedding day and on the same day you can arrange for the henna ceremony. In India, this ceremony is especially for the females’ friends and family member, and in your bridal shower you can easily arrange for someone who can apply henna on the hand. This kind of ceremony will help you in giving your wedding a great Indian touch.

Spinster party: In your spinster party you can arrange for the some Indian number to rock the floor. By doing this you will able to give your wedding a realistic Indian touch.  And your guest will enjoys for sure.

B-day rituals: it’s all up to the bride and the groom that how they want their wedding rituals to take place. But if they really want it to be as per the Indian traditions you have to take a pain for making all the arrangements. Like in Asia wedlock is usually taking place in front of the fire as it is considered to be the purest of all. Even the vows are totally different. But doing it differently should be your motto of the marriage.

Wedding invitations: this is for sure, your marriage cards are supposed to be as per the traditions. Indian traditional cards are so beautiful that you cannot resist ending up buying them. The Indian marriage invites are high in cultural and traditional value even you can search for Indian wedding theme invitations. The one who has idea about the Indian values know the importance and meaning of the wedding cards.

Following traditions of any culture is really very difficult to do but if you just do a mix and match of the traditional with the one you follow, it’s become really very easy to do like we have done henna ceremony along with the bridal shower party, which is going appropriately with the situation and at the same time solving your purpose also. Amalgamation is easier than to make it purely based on ones tradition.

Muslim Wedding Ceremony Rituals

We on the earth, follow different traditions and customs as per our religion and the geographical location. But there is one custom which is same for every religion i.e. wedding. Though the rituals for wedding are different for different religion but the emotions behind this are same. If we talk specifically about Muslim wedding, it is considered as a kind of social contract.

Muslim Wedding card

Nikaah is purely based on the holy book of Muslims called ‘Quran’ which states every minute about the contract. What I like best about the Nikaah Contract is the clause of adding the point of your wish by the bride and the groom. There are many clauses in the contract of the Nikaah but the most important out of these is Mahr in which the groom agrees to accept all the responsibilities of the bride and this Mahr has its symbolic meaning. This is not just a simple gift from the groom to the bride; it can be in the form of a kind or cash. But it is not compulsory to present it at the time of wedding but it depends on the flexibility of the future bride which allows her to take that at the time of divorce or the death of the husband. In Muslim wedding, there is free will (named as Ijab) by the bride and the groom stating the acceptance (Kabul) of entering into the scared bond of marriage.

This contract of nikaah is written by both the families i.e. the bride and the groom and along with them two witness. This whole process is done in front of Qazi who is appointed by the court and his presence is very important for the legal wedding.  After all this, “ Aqd Nikaah” (wedding contract) is announced publically.

With all these formalities, wedding sermon is also essential and to present the sermon for this scared bond you need your relatives and family members. Muslim wedding cards , here come into play for inviting your relatives and friends. While reading sermon it is required for the guest to acknowledge their presence in the wedding. Before starting the sermon, praises are said on the name of Allah and we ask him to offer guidance to the couple.

This all about the Muslim wedding traditions. Hope this help you to understand the nuptials of the Nikaah.

Brides Should Be Thankful To…………..

“There is always something to be thankful for “Especially when you are a bride. While planning your wedding there is always a time when you feel stressed out and you need a break. This is the time when you are supposed to sit and think about those who really helping you out in making your wedding a success. In this whole period of planning, there must be some occasion when someone’s help make you relaxed a lot. So why not to thanks all those people who want your wedding to be the best pal for you.


“Your Mom” She is the one who is always there with you in each and every part of the preparation. Whether is it’s about searching your best man or about your wedding gown or about searching perfect wedding card , you will find her close to you.  Even the times when you really need someone, she must be the one. You can ask this feeling of loneliness with the brides who are not that lucky enough to have their mother.  And this is the perfect time to make her feel, how important and thankful you are.

“Your bridesmaids” Sometimes during your planning phase, you end up with the argument with your groom and you really want someone to discuss this about bridesmaids are the one. Bridesmaids are the one who helps you out in each and every part of your planning in one or the other way, they are the one who gives your bridal shower party, one who take you to the bachelorette party and is ready to do want everything on your wish. You should thank them for loving you despite all your flaws.

“Your best man“ He might not the one you want to thank as of now but later in your life you will definitely feel overwhelmed about having him in your life. As after your wedding, there might be times when you are heavy hearted and his kind words help you in getting relaxed. What changes he can make in your life, there is no one else. So you have to be obliged to him for being part of your life.


“Your Guest” Lastly your guest as without them all your celebration is nothing. You will feel something missing factor during your marriage without guests. It is the only guest for whom you do all the preparations and of course they took time for you from their busy schedules. That’s the reason it’s your responsibility to appreciate each and every guest of yours.

Sometimes, your thankful nature not only makes other happy but makes you feel more happier. It is just because of this word which I call “magical”.

Heaven on Earth – Wedding Theme

We don’t know how actually heaven look like, but here on earth, we presume that the heaven would be something eye catchy. Heaven must be adorable and it should be something like that once you reach there, your eyes will remain wide open.  So with all our imagination about heaven, I have come up with the wedding décor for your heaven theme.

These wedding décor are very much pleasing to the eye and at ones you will definitely feel that nothing can better than this heaven on earth.

heaven wedding decor 1 heaven wedding decor 2 heaven wedding decor 3 heaven wedding decor 4  heaven wedding decor 5 heaven wedding decor 6 heaven wedding decor 7 heaven wedding decor 8 heaven wedding decor 9heaven wedding decor 10

Please suggest more decor ideas for heaven on earth wedding theme.

What your wedding card color is saying?

Every color says something, do you know what your color is saying. The connotation of shade is based on the culture and circumstances. These colors have their own language of communicating i.e. nonverbal communication. Even the energy from these is not static, which influence our actions, emotion and sometimes our behavior also.

Wedding Card Invitation

Wedding Invitation Cards

So, let see how these hue have influence on wedding card.

Color red: This shade is generally used as the alert/attention symbol, but as per the wedding card it signifies love and passion. Even red is also symbolizes the good luck and for the occasion like marriage, where you are going to do wedlock and are going to start your new journey; good luck is essential.

Gold/Yellow: It is great communicator and loves to talk. Reflects optimistic and positivity and at the same time add richness and warmth to your new relations. In your new start, helps you in clarity of thoughts and ideas.

Purple/indigo: The color for new-age. Also relates with imagination and spirituality. Wedding card with the color purple/indigo is for the transformation of the soul which gives you deeper understanding and also makes you impartial. It also inspires unconditional love, devoid of ego and encourages your sensitivity and compassion.

Aqua/blue/turquoise: It is refers to clarity of mind and at the same time it show the idealistic nature of yours. So with respect to your wedding card it signifies the opening the line of communication between the heart and the spoken word. This color has the ability to find the ways ahead and balancing us in finding what is right and wrong which helps a lot in starting your new journey.

Brown: The shade of honesty, genuineness and sincerity. For the relation like wedding all three of them are the essential element for the bonding. It also refers to the down to earth and stability.

Isn’t it amazing to have significance of color for your wedding cards? If you really believe in energy of colors, this article is going to be very helpful for you. Please share your wedding card color with us.

Rainbow colors of Indian Wedding

India is colorful as you will find every possible culture flourishing here. Seriously I have never seen a country like this where there are so many cultures around. This country is not just about a single religion but, it is a perfect blend of religions.

When the country is so colorful with all such religions, just imagine how beautiful is the wedding rituals are going to be. I must say this is going to be a chromatic one. So far what I have seen about the nuptials, I have just one word to describe it “kaleidoscopic”. In the marriages here, you will find each and every form of communication of emotions.

In the wedding, starting from the very first ceremony to the last ceremony, you will find color from happiness to sadness. Let’s see what all shades, we have in the Indian nuptials and how they make your wedlock versatile and vibrant one. So starting with:

Roka: Also known as Tilak Ceremony. This is the custom, where bride’s father puts auspicious Tilak on the forehead of the Groom and gives coconut and some gifts to the groom and his family as to convey that this wedding is fixed or you can say they just lock it. And this is how the very first ritual takes place for the wedding. I will give this a color Green (color to Go-ahead). Thereafter you will find n number of different nuptials but here we are going to discuss only a few of them.


Sangeet Sandhya: You can call this as musical night also. For this occasion, both the family prepares some dance numbers. On the event day you will find, both the family busy in pulling each other legs with the help of the songs on which they perform. But trust me, they do it with high spirit and don’t consider it otherwise. I am going to give this event a color Yellow (color of happiness).

Mehndi: Mehndi is the ceremony where the Bride family put Haldi Paste on the bride’s face, hands and legs and thereafter they puts mehndi on her hands and legs. This is considered to be sacred tradition. And same is done at groom’s side. It is also believed that darker the color of mehndi, the most loving partner you will get. Not only the bride and groom put mehndi but each and every family member especially female put heena. So what color should I give to this occasion? Orange (color benign warmth of sun)

Wedding and reception: In matrimony ceremony, you will find both the family busy in doing all the customs, all those seven vows in front of fire. Along with this, bride and groom play various sorts of games, it is just for fun but have some traditional significance also. All this is followed by reception where all the elder members of the family give their blessing to the couple. And at last, they have a ritual called vidai. Here you will find tears in the eyes of bride family as she is going to leave her father’s house and will start her new journey. So here, in this last stage of wedding, you will find all seven colors of rainbow and their significance also set appropriately with Indian marriage.

So this is, all about the colorful wedlock in Asia. Hope you enjoyed every single moment of wedding, which is nothing without an Indian cards. This article has covered almost every important ritual, which is considered to be part of this occasion. Every marriage is nothing without the invitation, so for designer wedding card you can browse various online stores.

How To Pick Perfect Indian Wedding Cards

The marriage ceremony is a very important function for every person whether he lives in India or outside the India. Indian marriages are prominent and known for the warm welcome of guests and colorful ceremonies across the world. These ceremonies take place from some days to months and cover numerous types of functions. The way of tradition and its celebration may differ for both bride and groom’s side. All relatives and close friends of family can be seen very excited and eagerly look forward to the marriage ceremony. Family of the groom and bride also invite their relatives, friends and member of society. If you are an Indian, living in the USA and just plan to marry then definitely you should plot something with an Indian wedding planner.

Indian wedding includes several traditions and events that make your marriage very special and cherished. When you have planned for your bridal according to Indian theme, cards should be Indian. Through selecting Indian Wedding Cards in USA you can feel like your marriage is organized like Indian wedding. It will also impress your relatives that how much you are connected from your country. It also helps you in growing bonding of your family with your relatives. In every sense of the word, an Indian Marriage ceremony is an occasion to celebrate and exchange gossips and splendid lunches and dinners.

wedding card

You can search Indian Wedding invitation Cards online and there you will find several designs and series of wedding cards. Sometimes, you may get confuse in deciding best bridal card for you, but you can select them according to your choice and marriage theme. It can save your time and money if you selected invitation card in advance i.e. before the time of marriage. It can be ridiculous for you to select an invitation card immediately. Scroll wedding invitations are in demand these days so it may be a clever idea to choose pre designed scroll invitations. Scroll invitation cards are not only great looking, but also recognized for fabulously designs.

These all cards could be available on your order even in many design, plates and numbers. You can contact to bridal Cards Company and ask them for its price and printing time. According to a normal idea it doesn’t take more time in printing so you can request for multiple cards printing in less time. However, before selecting marriage invitation card, you must have an idea of bridal theme. If you select marriage cards according to the theme, then it will attract your relatives and friends and through invitation cards they will be able to know that what is the schedule of marriage functions and what is the theme?

If you have already set your mind for choosing Indian invitation cards, then you must follow these strategies as it may help you in selecting right invitation card for your wedding. Remember one thing your marriage is not a trivial event, it is a grand event for you and your family so choose an antique card to invite your guests. If you want to familiarize your would be life partner with your guest, then you can print a photograph of your engagement party.

Balloon Themed Wedding

Balloon are all time favorite for everyone whether it is a child or a grown up. And if I ask you to go for a balloon theme on your wedding, you will definitely going to laugh. But trust me, your guest will enjoy this theme for sure. But now the question is how you will incorporate this theme in your wedding.

Lets see how this theme is going to work. Starting with the decoration part. In the images below, you will find some awesome decors for your wedding. Cloth piece flying in the air with the help of balloons is going to be favorite place for you and your guest. The attraction of this is, here you will end up with the some of the nice click.Some of the hot air dummy at the dinning area will going to make your theme rocks.

Balloon Canopy Hot air balloon dummy balloon decor wedding Balloon Theme Dinning decorNow its time for the bride and the groom. You can see the bride is actually, what we call in theme, by wearing the balloon wedding gown. Bridesmaid and grooms-man are looking fab in the image by having a yellow and orange balloons in their hand. I also like how groom is proposing the bride.And the last one, where every guest of the party is carry and the balloon and just after getting the image clicked, they let the balloon flew in the air.

Bride Groom Balloon wedding Bride Groom Balloon wedding Balloon wedding themeSo this is all about the balloon theme wedding hope you like the theme. Please suggest your views on this.

123 of Indian wedding cards online purchasing

Earlier selecting a wedding card was not that much fun as it is now days. People need to visit 3-4 shop in the city and have to ask them to show the cards of your budget. Then there are cases when you like the card but it’s too expensive or it is out of stock. With all the tensions, you have to select the card, that you don’t like much but your worries are not ended here, most important thing is the proofing of the cards. After giving all the care, at the end you finds that there are mistakes in your wedding card. This is what makes you upset.

But today I am taking you to a store where you can get your wedding card at your doorstep in just 3 steps. Not only this, this online card galleria is having a huge assortment of cards that you never feel to visit any other store for more collections.

wedding invitation

Let’s have a tour and see how these three steps will help us in getting our dream wedding card.

  • Samples and cards selection: The first and foremost step is to visit where you can select your wedding cards. Here you will find huge assortments of the invitation on the basis of the religions, price range, color, etc. So, I would suggest you to first select your religion so that you will get appropriate cards for your wedding as per your religion and then you can refine your search by adding price range parameter to it and then at last if you have any specific color requirement you can also add that parameter. If you have confusion in taking decision for the one card, have given you an option of selecting 5 samples in 4$ + free shipping. So, that you can feel the card and take proper decision. The best part of ordering the sample is that you will get this amount adjusted in the later bulk order.
  • Content and proofing: By the time you get the samples at your doorstep, you can share your content part with the card code, you want to opt. Ones you submit your wedding content  with the team of the, you will start receiving the proofs for the same. These proofs are the copy of the wedding card with the content pasted on it so that it will give you clear picture of how your card is going to look like. You can ask the team to do changes required in the content, font, color of the ink, die casted symbols etc. and get done everything ready. This particular step is very crucial one as a single mistake will make a blunder to the wedding card. Ones, you are satisfied with you wedding card and its content you can give the green signal for the printing.
  • Payment and shipping: Only after you give the green signal, share the costing of the card and ask you for the payment. This is what I like most about the website and its team that they do everything to satisfy their customer and ones you are satisfied, they ask you for the payment. This show how responsible and trustworthy the team is. And finally you will get your cards at your doorstep

My experience with, is amazing and trust me it is too easy to go.You can also visit how to order page for more reference.

Fly like a Butterfly on your Wedding

Butterflies are so beautiful that you can’t resist yourself, staring them. The most important thing about these butterflies are their vibrant color and moreover they are not the same. There are so many different spices of them. For me these are the beautiful spices on the earth and a perfect example of camouflaging. And if they are so chromatic and chic, just imagine how a wedding will look like with a butterfly theme.

Wedding themes, as you all know are the most difficult thing to opt on your wedding day and I think your 40 perfect of the headache goes away ones your theme gets decided. So let’s see how we can incorporate the wedding theme with butterfly. There are few major things which you need to take care of while planning a wedding which are as follows:

butterfly invites

  • Wedding invitation and stationaries: butterflies are chromatic that you can choose any color for your invitations or can go for multicolor option also. But will suggest you  to go with white color and that then at the front can get butterfly stick which give it a 3D effect and at the same time will give it a royal look. Along with this you can go for laser cut invites and stationaries for your wedding. Laser cut wedding invitations are in trend these days. I have shared few images of the guest book, invitation, table cards etc.

butterfly theme

  • Wedding attire for bride/ groom ad accessories: it’s very important for the bride and the groom to get design their attire that goes with the theme of the wedding. It is easy for the bride to incorporate the wedding theme but it is difficult for the groom to do it. So for bride I will advise to have plain gown with butterfly accessories like footwear’s, head gear, bracelets etc. And for the groom i will ask him to take use of broach and tie with the matching theme.
  • Wedding décor: According to me wedding décor is another important thing to work on your wedding theme success. Starting with the dining table, here you can use a decent center piece with the butterflies, even the towels can be rolled and tied with the ribbon and at the top you can place a beautiful butterfly. Even you can make some artificial tree and with the help of that you can tie the colorful butterfly and get it hang on the tree. This tree you can get it place at the center of the banquet hall. This tree will be center of the attraction for your whole reception. Your wedding cake and other desert, if says the same story it is going to be a great success. Images of the same are shared for your reference. 
  • Favors: For favors, you can go for candles in butterfly shape, broaches , some small boxes which a have pastel color and a small butterfly on the top etc. if you want to give some deserts as the favors, I will suggest to go for the pan cakes with a butterfly flying on the top.

That’s all for the butterfly wedding theme, please suggest your views on the same.