Heaven on Earth – Wedding Theme

We don’t know how actually heaven look like, but here on earth, we presume that the heaven would be something eye catchy. Heaven must be adorable and it should be something like that once you reach there, your eyes will remain wide open.  So with all our imagination about heaven, I have come up with the wedding décor for your heaven theme.

These wedding décor are very much pleasing to the eye and at ones you will definitely feel that nothing can better than this heaven on earth.

heaven wedding decor 1 heaven wedding decor 2 heaven wedding decor 3 heaven wedding decor 4  heaven wedding decor 5 heaven wedding decor 6 heaven wedding decor 7 heaven wedding decor 8 heaven wedding decor 9heaven wedding decor 10

Please suggest more decor ideas for heaven on earth wedding theme.

Balloon Themed Wedding

Balloon are all time favorite for everyone whether it is a child or a grown up. And if I ask you to go for a balloon theme on your wedding, you will definitely going to laugh. But trust me, your guest will enjoy this theme for sure. But now the question is how you will incorporate this theme in your wedding.

Lets see how this theme is going to work. Starting with the decoration part. In the images below, you will find some awesome decors for your wedding. Cloth piece flying in the air with the help of balloons is going to be favorite place for you and your guest. The attraction of this is, here you will end up with the some of the nice click.Some of the hot air dummy at the dinning area will going to make your theme rocks.

Balloon Canopy Hot air balloon dummy balloon decor wedding Balloon Theme Dinning decorNow its time for the bride and the groom. You can see the bride is actually, what we call in theme, by wearing the balloon wedding gown. Bridesmaid and grooms-man are looking fab in the image by having a yellow and orange balloons in their hand. I also like how groom is proposing the bride.And the last one, where every guest of the party is carry and the balloon and just after getting the image clicked, they let the balloon flew in the air.

Bride Groom Balloon wedding Bride Groom Balloon wedding Balloon wedding themeSo this is all about the balloon theme wedding hope you like the theme. Please suggest your views on this.

Fly like a Butterfly on your Wedding

Butterflies are so beautiful that you can’t resist yourself, staring them. The most important thing about these butterflies are their vibrant color and moreover they are not the same. There are so many different spices of them. For me these are the beautiful spices on the earth and a perfect example of camouflaging. And if they are so chromatic and chic, just imagine how a wedding will look like with a butterfly theme.

Wedding themes, as you all know are the most difficult thing to opt on your wedding day and I think your 40 perfect of the headache goes away ones your theme gets decided. So let’s see how we can incorporate the wedding theme with butterfly. There are few major things which you need to take care of while planning a wedding which are as follows:

butterfly invites

  • Wedding invitation and stationaries: butterflies are chromatic that you can choose any color for your invitations or can go for multicolor option also. But will suggest you  to go with white color and that then at the front can get butterfly stick which give it a 3D effect and at the same time will give it a royal look. Along with this you can go for laser cut invites and stationaries for your wedding. Laser cut wedding invitations are in trend these days. I have shared few images of the guest book, invitation, table cards etc.

butterfly theme

  • Wedding attire for bride/ groom ad accessories: it’s very important for the bride and the groom to get design their attire that goes with the theme of the wedding. It is easy for the bride to incorporate the wedding theme but it is difficult for the groom to do it. So for bride I will advise to have plain gown with butterfly accessories like footwear’s, head gear, bracelets etc. And for the groom i will ask him to take use of broach and tie with the matching theme.
  • Wedding décor: According to me wedding décor is another important thing to work on your wedding theme success. Starting with the dining table, here you can use a decent center piece with the butterflies, even the towels can be rolled and tied with the ribbon and at the top you can place a beautiful butterfly. Even you can make some artificial tree and with the help of that you can tie the colorful butterfly and get it hang on the tree. This tree you can get it place at the center of the banquet hall. This tree will be center of the attraction for your whole reception. Your wedding cake and other desert, if says the same story it is going to be a great success. Images of the same are shared for your reference. 
  • Favors: For favors, you can go for candles in butterfly shape, broaches , some small boxes which a have pastel color and a small butterfly on the top etc. if you want to give some deserts as the favors, I will suggest to go for the pan cakes with a butterfly flying on the top.

That’s all for the butterfly wedding theme, please suggest your views on the same.


Craziest Wedding Cake toppers II

Wedding cake is something which I consider to be most important thing along with the food on the wedding day. As cake cutting ceremony is as important as ring ceremony. Nowadays, it is easy to get a cake of your wish, that too in any custom design. Tasty cake is one thing but at the same time its looks are equally important.

Wow! I am back with more cake toppers for you. Hope you liked my previous article about the cake topper. So let’s get crazy with these wedding cake toppers. These days people don’t talk about beautiful cake, they talk about the cake toppers. And for the occasion like wedding you will get n number of cake toppers, these toppers are cute, vintage look but the most interesting among them is those crazy one.

Wedding Cake Topper

Bride in the cake: After looking to this cake, there was a smile, a big smile on my face. Not just because I was feeling pity about the bride but I smiled at the groom. The efforts he is making, kneeling with concern and his never say die attitude about saving his beautiful wife. I just love the theme of the cake.

Bride with the hunter: How crazy mind people have? This cake is really funny and shocking for the groom. I must say with this cake topper, bride is giving warning to the groom that you will be treated like this in future, the moment you say no to me. I must say, that all the guests at the wedding will laugh.

Groom helping Bride cake: This cake topper is really lovely where groom is sitting at the top of the cake and is helping his bride out. Though this is something really very opposite to the trend, where bride dragging her groom. But this one make me melted a bit.

Baseball bride and Groom: This kind of cake topper works with the couple who are sport loving. That the bride and the groom both are so fascinated about the game that if they get chance on their wedding day will start playing the game without being bothered about the attire.

High five Bride and groom cake topper: Oh finally we did it. This is what bride and groom saying to each other on their wedding day. This type of cake topper is tons of fun for the guest and for the bride and groom, it shows their excitement.

 Hey what if bride started conveying their message through cake topper. What all cake toppers will you find; if this turns true?  Please share your ideas.

Pumpkin Themed Wedding

Wedding theme! Wedding Theme! Wedding Theme! What theme to choose for the theme based wedding? All of you must have the same question when it is about the wedding? Color themes are so common that nobody what to opt it anymore. So now the question arises what to choose, which is unique and different? And the answer I get is going for pumpkin theme.

At first, I was wondering how this theme will work. But, later on get a clear picture on its incorporation. How it will give my wedding theme a perfect picture. Let me take you to the tour of this wedding theme. I am sure that you will definitely like this theme as I do.

pumpkin wedding theme

Wedding invitation: Wedding invitation is the most important thing for your wedding. And that’s the reason why I consider, your theme should starts from here only. This should be your very first step to incorporate your wedding theme. So now the question arises is how can we get a pumpkin wedding theme incorporated in the wedding invitation? And the answer is getting some pumpkin based border or can have pumpkin color or can have pumpkin as your wedding invitation background. And if you can have that embossed, this is going to be most innovative on.

Wedding décor: it is one of my favorite sections in this article as I have bag full of ideas on this. Let’s start it with the aisle, whether it is outdoor or indoor wedding, you can put different color on pumpkin and place them at the start of each row, all over the aisle. Even at the dining area you can place pumpkin; even you can use the pumpkin in the shape containers to serve the food or can use candles in the shape of pumpkin and so on. In place of table cards, you can use pumpkin with a number engraved into it. You can also have pumpkin shape lantern at various places to give your theme a perfect look.

Pumpkin wedding cake

Wedding cake: Pumpkin cake is so common that it will not going to create any difficulty in your wedding cake. But the question arises that with respect to the taste it is easy to implement but when it is about the outer look, there is a big question mark. But I have solution of this. For this you can ask your cake maker to put small size pumpkin all-round the cake in a spiral manner or you can have a faux cake in the shape of pumpkin. Choice is yours.

Pumpkin based desserts bar: You can have a pumpkin bar of desserts at your wedding, where you can have different sorts of desserts in either the pumpkin shape or with pumpkin flavor.

Escort cards: after telling you so many things on this particular theme, I think now you have an idea about the escort cards. But still I will give you an idea about it. You can use pumpkins with a small name tags on them as your escort cards. Even you can use pumpkin in all other wedding stationary.

If you have any other idea about the pumpkin theme you can suggest, what all we can do  with this theme to make it a splendid one.

Wedding on Elephant Theme

Wow! Elephant themed wedding sounds crazy isn’t it? But, trusts me people are doing it. Recently I got an opportunity to attend one wedding and the theme of the wedding was Elephant. Earlier I was not in mood to attend the wedding but when I got to know that the wedding is on elephant theme, I was in high spirit to attend the wedding.

Believe me once you get to know all about the wedding, you will get fascinated about this wedding. For me it was life time experience. And I am really very excited to tell you guys about this. Let me start it with the wedding invitations

Elephant themed wedding

Wedding invitation:  wedding invitations were really very elegant with the elephants on it. The elephants on the invitation card were so chromatic with the stones work on it and both the elephant were mingling with the help of their trunk which was looking romantic. Even what I like most was about the save the date cards, in that there was an elephant who was taking a flag with the help of its trunk and on that flag ‘save the date’ was written. Not only this, even RSVP was also very nice with an elephant.  I have no idea how much the invitation cards cost to them, but I can suggest you to go for such theme with cheap wedding invitations. As, by doing this you can plan your theme wedding with low budget also.

Groom and guests entry:  I must say this wedding was on Thai touch, where elephant is used to transport the groom to his beloved bride. And not only this, even guest were also taken to the ceremony site through elephant only. It was a nice experience of elephant ride that too on the elephant who was decorated for the wedding purpose. Even at the entrance gate bride’s family member put brooch with elephant on it, on the coat to greet them.

Decoration: Reception location was festooned in totally different way. They have created small elephant fully loaded with flowers. On the dining tables they have put metallic elephants as the place card holder and even on the napkins they put small wooden elephant as the good luck symbol. Elephant cake topper beautifying the cake.

Favors: The favors presented by the bride and groom were actually the candlewick but candlewick was in the shape of elephant and this was something which gave their wedding a finishing touch.

There were many other things which they opted in the wedding rituals to give their theme a perfect touch like exchanging vows on top of the elephant and after all the rituals couple walk under the elephant as in Thai culture, it is consider as a good luck for the new couple. This wedding was astounding for me.

Hope you like the wedding theme, Do share your views on it.

Wedding With Polka Dots

Want to give a theme to your wedding? Have one for you. There are so many people who want to give a theme to their wedding but they have issues with the incorporating. Firstly, selecting a theme is a problem and if some how you get the theme, problem is how to execute it. And lastly if all is set about the execution part, problem is the cost incurred with it. So today I have come up with the theme which is inexpensive and at the same time admirable also.

So, Polka dots are the theme for the season. Most of you are aware about the Polka Dots. So my main focus with this is on the execution part, what all you can include in the theme and how it will work.

polka dots

Invitations: Starting with the invitations, what not, we can do with the polka dots. We can have polka dots printed on the invitations. Polka dots do not means that it should be in black and white combination only; you can have colorful polka dots also which resembles colors in your life. Not only the invitations, you can have it in all the other stationary required like save the date, RSVP, Thank you cards, Menu cards, Escort cards, etc. And you can attach a small bag of polka dots with it to make your guest understand about your theme.

Wedding attire for the bride and the groom: In this, I must say ‘ladies first’ so let’s start with bride, have lots of options for her. If bride wants to stick to white gown only, she can have colorful polka dots lace tie on her waist and a bow with it. This would definitely look elegant. Even she can have white gown with self-printed polka dots in it. She can have all other accessories in polka dots like Footwear’s, Bracelet, Bouquet, veil, Headgear, earrings, etc.

Now its turn for guys, they can have Tie and pocket square in polka dots, rest all is their choice.

Decorations: Wow my favorite section, decorations. If you like balloons you can go for decorations with balloons as put polka dots on it, so that it go with your theme. You can also use Polka dot ribbons or laces for the decorations; even you can use pillows of black and white color to give it a polka look. In the dining area you can use cutlery, table cover with polka dots, etc.  Even you can use flowers to give it a similar look like you can prepare a wedding arch and put flowers cluster for giving your theme a perfect look.

Wedding cake: If we are talking about wedding cake with polka dots, it becomes very easy for your confectioner to make a wedding cake for you. So now it’s up to your confectioner, how to bring best out of it.

Favors: With this theme you can consider any favor for your guest but to match your theme, it should be wrapped in the paper with polka dots. As such Photo frames with polka dots go best with it.

Confetti: when it is about confetti, it clicks me about the small size colorful paper in circular shape as confetti.

This is all about the polka theme wedding. Please suggest what we can add in this to make it a perfect theme wedding.

White Color Has Beauty In Itself

Do anyone of you every asked this question that why every bride wears a white gown? If yes, I have the answer but don’t know which one is most appropriate for you. There are two saying behind this white gown story.

First one is in 1840 Queen Victoria wore white color wedding gown. And this is the time when this style starts taking its shape. Earlier to that bride wore their most expensive cloth in their wedding. And the second one says that white is the symbol of purity, innocence and wholesomeness.

Wedding Dress

Might be these stories are true but I am more inclined towards the second saying. As white is the only color which is pleasing in itself. White is the color of perfection. Even white is consider to be one which clear clutter and obstacles away. For me White is the only color which balances all the other colors of the spectrum and it represent both positive and negative aspect of the colors.

Now let’s relate it with the wedding. There is no other ceremony as pure as wedding. Wedding is the only ceremony which every community celebrates, though the medium of celebrating it is different. And in every religion this is considered to be the purest one. And if it is so then wearing a white color gown on the wedding is adding up the purity in the ceremony.

Wedding makes two souls to start their new journey as one. So it is very important for them to start this journey with purity, wholesomeness and innocence. As I have already mentioned that this is the color which balances both negativity and positivity. And in this new journey both the souls have to balance the negativity and positivity of each other. This is how journey is going to be long lasting. Along with this it also clears the cluster and obstacle on the path of their journey.

Leaving all this apart, White color makes the bride look enticing, marvelous and admirable one. This is called to be the big day for both the bride and the groom, so it is important for both of them to look stunning. And I Don’t think there is no other color then white which solve the purpose.

Colorful wedding palette

Time has gone when people stick to one or two colors only as their wedding theme. Now it’s time to fill your life with colors. Colorful is in this wedding season so what are you waiting for. I can’t resist myself imagine colors everywhere. Not just red and black nor even white and blue, its colorful everywhere.


My brain starts storming with colors, colors and colors. How it would look when you will find everything colorful as you are. How can we make a colorful wedding palette a successful theme ?

 Got all the answers, when I attended one, colorful wedding. Everything over there was so well managed, keeping in mind the theme. Let me start it with bridal costume, can you imagine a bride in a colorful wedding gown?  Might be, it is difficult for you to imagine something other than white. But trust me; a colorful wedding gown was looking unpredictable and unmatched. Along with that a colorful bouquet and head gear, makes a bride looks fascinating and delicate.

The bridesmaids  dresses was also looking so beautiful with different colors but same style and off course the shoes were looking great, all of same pattern but different colors. And to give it a new look all of them were taking a colorful pinwheel in their hand. The chromatic color of the pinwheel added up the beauty of the costumes.

That wedding ceremony takes place in the backyard. The whole passage was covered with colorful mattress and you can find pinwheels every here and there. It was divided into two parts one for the ceremony and the other one for the receptions. Reception area was more colorful with a candy station, a colorful cake counter, rice crispy colorful sweet counter and much more than the ceremony ground.

Not only this, the dining tables were also very colorful with Grey strips, yellow and orange tabletops and rainbow color center piece were looking very stunning. And whole area was covered with hanging color bottle vases.

After the dinner, all guest were taken to the lake side and there they have arrange the colorful lantern. And to bless the bride and groom, have asked to lighten up the lantern and let it flow with the air. That ending was something astonishing and incredible.

Just love that wedding and it was on my mouth for weeks. The best colorful theme party I ever attended.

A monsoon wedding

Monsoon on your wedding day is something which is like a nightmare. Most of you think a monsoon on a wedding will end up with blunders as creates lots of trouble in your management until and unless you have option B. And if we talk about believe related to marriage it is considered to be a good omen. Do you belief so? If not let me lighten up some of the trivia. These trivia will explain you about a monsoon wedding and the omen related to it.

How can you imagine a monsoon wedding a good omen?  As it, will creates panic among the crowd. Read below to have the list of reason why they claim it good or bad omen.

monsoon wedding

These omens are good or bad depending on the culture you are in. Most of them consider it a good omen as it is a symbol of happiness, cleaning, fertility, unity, renewals and tears.

Happiness: Whenever there is monsoon, we feel happy and that’s the reason why most of them consider it as symbol of happiness in the married life.

Tears: As rain washed away tears from your face. It indicates that it will wash all the tears from the married couple life.

Unity: Whenever you tie a knot in wet cloth, it becomes difficult to open that knot, same way you’re married life bond will be stronger and longer. Both the couples get unit forever.

Renewals: Rain washed away dirt and clean up everything like a new one similarly, it will remove all the dirt present in the memories and left you with everything new.

Fertility: As after rain soil turns fertile, similarly it symbolizes that couple should have children in future.

It’s not enough as there is some bad omen related too. Like some consider rain represents tears and the bride have to cry throughout her married life.

According to me all these are just superstitions which have no relevance to our life. It’s all up to you whether you believe it or not or you consider it as bad or good. It is something which is not controlled by you or anyone else as all these are natural.