Rainbow colors of Indian Wedding

India is colorful as you will find every possible culture flourishing here. Seriously I have never seen a country like this where there are so many cultures around. This country is not just about a single religion but, it is a perfect blend of religions.

When the country is so colorful with all such religions, just imagine how beautiful is the wedding rituals are going to be. I must say this is going to be a chromatic one. So far what I have seen about the nuptials, I have just one word to describe it “kaleidoscopic”. In the marriages here, you will find each and every form of communication of emotions.

In the wedding, starting from the very first ceremony to the last ceremony, you will find color from happiness to sadness. Let’s see what all shades, we have in the Indian nuptials and how they make your wedlock versatile and vibrant one. So starting with:

Roka: Also known as Tilak Ceremony. This is the custom, where bride’s father puts auspicious Tilak on the forehead of the Groom and gives coconut and some gifts to the groom and his family as to convey that this wedding is fixed or you can say they just lock it. And this is how the very first ritual takes place for the wedding. I will give this a color Green (color to Go-ahead). Thereafter you will find n number of different nuptials but here we are going to discuss only a few of them.


Sangeet Sandhya: You can call this as musical night also. For this occasion, both the family prepares some dance numbers. On the event day you will find, both the family busy in pulling each other legs with the help of the songs on which they perform. But trust me, they do it with high spirit and don’t consider it otherwise. I am going to give this event a color Yellow (color of happiness).

Mehndi: Mehndi is the ceremony where the Bride family put Haldi Paste on the bride’s face, hands and legs and thereafter they puts mehndi on her hands and legs. This is considered to be sacred tradition. And same is done at groom’s side. It is also believed that darker the color of mehndi, the most loving partner you will get. Not only the bride and groom put mehndi but each and every family member especially female put heena. So what color should I give to this occasion? Orange (color benign warmth of sun)

Wedding and reception: In matrimony ceremony, you will find both the family busy in doing all the customs, all those seven vows in front of fire. Along with this, bride and groom play various sorts of games, it is just for fun but have some traditional significance also. All this is followed by reception where all the elder members of the family give their blessing to the couple. And at last, they have a ritual called vidai. Here you will find tears in the eyes of bride family as she is going to leave her father’s house and will start her new journey. So here, in this last stage of wedding, you will find all seven colors of rainbow and their significance also set appropriately with Indian marriage.

So this is, all about the colorful wedlock in Asia. Hope you enjoyed every single moment of wedding, which is nothing without an Indian cards. This article has covered almost every important ritual, which is considered to be part of this occasion. Every marriage is nothing without the invitation, so for designer wedding card you can browse various online stores.