Indian Traditional – Wedding Theme

Wedding theme are difficult task to execute and special when you are considering the traditions of some other origin like you are staying in the USA and want your ceremony to be as per the Indian traditions. There are so many obstacles when you are planning your wedlock like this. But it is really going to be a memorable experience not only for you but for the guests also.

Indian tradition and customs are so lovely that you just have one word to say i.e. phenomenal. Let see how you can plan and execute your Indian style wedding in the USA. Before starting with it lets have a look what all we are going to include in your marriage. There are many rituals took place in Asian style nuptials but we will include only those which make your wedding an incredible one.

Indian wedding invitations

Wedding attire: If we are talking about the Indian style marriage, your B-day costume should be purely Indian traditional one; ‘Lehenga’ for the bride and ‘Sherwani’ for the groom. And how can I forget bridesmaid, of course they are going to wear ‘Saree’. Indian tradition is not just about the costume but you have to wear accessories also like bangles, nose ring, head gear, earring extra. If it is possible for the bride to arrange all this, she would definitely look gorgeous.

Henna Ceremony with your bridal shower: plan your bridal shower 2-3 days before your wedding day and on the same day you can arrange for the henna ceremony. In India, this ceremony is especially for the females’ friends and family member, and in your bridal shower you can easily arrange for someone who can apply henna on the hand. This kind of ceremony will help you in giving your wedding a great Indian touch.

Spinster party: In your spinster party you can arrange for the some Indian number to rock the floor. By doing this you will able to give your wedding a realistic Indian touch.  And your guest will enjoys for sure.

B-day rituals: it’s all up to the bride and the groom that how they want their wedding rituals to take place. But if they really want it to be as per the Indian traditions you have to take a pain for making all the arrangements. Like in Asia wedlock is usually taking place in front of the fire as it is considered to be the purest of all. Even the vows are totally different. But doing it differently should be your motto of the marriage.

Wedding invitations: this is for sure, your marriage cards are supposed to be as per the traditions. Indian traditional cards are so beautiful that you cannot resist ending up buying them. The Indian marriage invites are high in cultural and traditional value even you can search for Indian wedding theme invitations. The one who has idea about the Indian values know the importance and meaning of the wedding cards.

Following traditions of any culture is really very difficult to do but if you just do a mix and match of the traditional with the one you follow, it’s become really very easy to do like we have done henna ceremony along with the bridal shower party, which is going appropriately with the situation and at the same time solving your purpose also. Amalgamation is easier than to make it purely based on ones tradition.

Fly like a Butterfly on your Wedding

Butterflies are so beautiful that you can’t resist yourself, staring them. The most important thing about these butterflies are their vibrant color and moreover they are not the same. There are so many different spices of them. For me these are the beautiful spices on the earth and a perfect example of camouflaging. And if they are so chromatic and chic, just imagine how a wedding will look like with a butterfly theme.

Wedding themes, as you all know are the most difficult thing to opt on your wedding day and I think your 40 perfect of the headache goes away ones your theme gets decided. So let’s see how we can incorporate the wedding theme with butterfly. There are few major things which you need to take care of while planning a wedding which are as follows:

butterfly invites

  • Wedding invitation and stationaries: butterflies are chromatic that you can choose any color for your invitations or can go for multicolor option also. But will suggest you  to go with white color and that then at the front can get butterfly stick which give it a 3D effect and at the same time will give it a royal look. Along with this you can go for laser cut invites and stationaries for your wedding. Laser cut wedding invitations are in trend these days. I have shared few images of the guest book, invitation, table cards etc.

butterfly theme

  • Wedding attire for bride/ groom ad accessories: it’s very important for the bride and the groom to get design their attire that goes with the theme of the wedding. It is easy for the bride to incorporate the wedding theme but it is difficult for the groom to do it. So for bride I will advise to have plain gown with butterfly accessories like footwear’s, head gear, bracelets etc. And for the groom i will ask him to take use of broach and tie with the matching theme.
  • Wedding décor: According to me wedding décor is another important thing to work on your wedding theme success. Starting with the dining table, here you can use a decent center piece with the butterflies, even the towels can be rolled and tied with the ribbon and at the top you can place a beautiful butterfly. Even you can make some artificial tree and with the help of that you can tie the colorful butterfly and get it hang on the tree. This tree you can get it place at the center of the banquet hall. This tree will be center of the attraction for your whole reception. Your wedding cake and other desert, if says the same story it is going to be a great success. Images of the same are shared for your reference. 
  • Favors: For favors, you can go for candles in butterfly shape, broaches , some small boxes which a have pastel color and a small butterfly on the top etc. if you want to give some deserts as the favors, I will suggest to go for the pan cakes with a butterfly flying on the top.

That’s all for the butterfly wedding theme, please suggest your views on the same.


Wedding on Elephant Theme

Wow! Elephant themed wedding sounds crazy isn’t it? But, trusts me people are doing it. Recently I got an opportunity to attend one wedding and the theme of the wedding was Elephant. Earlier I was not in mood to attend the wedding but when I got to know that the wedding is on elephant theme, I was in high spirit to attend the wedding.

Believe me once you get to know all about the wedding, you will get fascinated about this wedding. For me it was life time experience. And I am really very excited to tell you guys about this. Let me start it with the wedding invitations

Elephant themed wedding

Wedding invitation:  wedding invitations were really very elegant with the elephants on it. The elephants on the invitation card were so chromatic with the stones work on it and both the elephant were mingling with the help of their trunk which was looking romantic. Even what I like most was about the save the date cards, in that there was an elephant who was taking a flag with the help of its trunk and on that flag ‘save the date’ was written. Not only this, even RSVP was also very nice with an elephant.  I have no idea how much the invitation cards cost to them, but I can suggest you to go for such theme with cheap wedding invitations. As, by doing this you can plan your theme wedding with low budget also.

Groom and guests entry:  I must say this wedding was on Thai touch, where elephant is used to transport the groom to his beloved bride. And not only this, even guest were also taken to the ceremony site through elephant only. It was a nice experience of elephant ride that too on the elephant who was decorated for the wedding purpose. Even at the entrance gate bride’s family member put brooch with elephant on it, on the coat to greet them.

Decoration: Reception location was festooned in totally different way. They have created small elephant fully loaded with flowers. On the dining tables they have put metallic elephants as the place card holder and even on the napkins they put small wooden elephant as the good luck symbol. Elephant cake topper beautifying the cake.

Favors: The favors presented by the bride and groom were actually the candlewick but candlewick was in the shape of elephant and this was something which gave their wedding a finishing touch.

There were many other things which they opted in the wedding rituals to give their theme a perfect touch like exchanging vows on top of the elephant and after all the rituals couple walk under the elephant as in Thai culture, it is consider as a good luck for the new couple. This wedding was astounding for me.

Hope you like the wedding theme, Do share your views on it.

Let Peacock dance in this rainy season weddings

Peacock is the bird with vibrant colors. It looks great in rainy season flaring out its feather, showing those beautiful colors. So let’s make your wedding with the peacock theme wedding invitations. Some beautiful peacock wedding cards are here to make your wedding more colorful and vibrant.

 Peacock theme wedding invitations

  • White and Blue Peacock Invitation: Beautiful creation of invitation with white envelope and blue card. Envelope is decant and sober and at the same time, chromatic card with n number of colors. On card, can see peacock with open feathers filled with vibrant colors and the golden color in the feather enriching its beauty.
  • Blue color with actual peacock feather: Card in blue color with self-design of parsley in a shade of blue giving it nice combination. Actual feather at the center make it look more exquisite. And feather with a flute represent god Krishna. This is the one what we call unmatched. Combination of blue color with green and blue feather makes it simply great.
  • Pink n blue invitation blue flap with a feather design in curved shaped give it a contemporary look and elegant envelope with just a feather design. This is the one suiting to everyone’s choice as card in having colors for everyone irrespective of age.
  • Blue invitation with Ganesh in feather trunk: Blue color invitation card for those who want traditional wedding invitations. Feather trunk of Ganesh makes it look unique. Parsley design in combination of blue and golden color and along with that image of Ganesh in golden color giving it a balance.

Is wedding card a necessity ?

Wedding card is a mean by which we can inform our relatives and friends about the wedding rituals and ceremony taking place with the date and time. According to us this is the basic modus operandi of wedding cards. So, if we stick to this basic meaning of the wedding cards, then yes there is a necessity. It reminds us of a well know phrase “first impression is the last impression” .As Wedding card is foremost materialistic thing reaches to your near and dear ones expressing your feeling.  This is something which invites your friends and family to give you blessing and stand by you when you say “I DO”. 

Wedding Invitations

According to us answer to this question varies from person to person. Some consider, it plays a vital role in wedding and for others; it is just wastage of paper and money.  But for us wedding cards is not just a piece of paper but it is something which gives glimpse about the various functions taking place in the wedding, expressing your emotions and sentiments. Today when everyone wants their wedding to be different and unique from others, wedding invitations are the one which help you out in doing so. It is now becomes a status symbol. People use various themes for the wedding parties and in that if your wedding cards tells the story about theme, it automatically becomes a unique affair in itself.

As every coin has it two sides, telling different stories, same is the case with the wedding cards. Today when people are talking about “taking a small step towards a greener living”, we here are wasting so much on the wedding cards knowing the fact that lot of paper is required and at last, cards are just like a waste piece of paper. On one hand we are talking about go green everywhere and on other hand, we itself burning the candle at both ends. Do we have any other option for not using invitation cards? Yes, today we have options like E-cards, social media, etc.

All these fact are true but we ourselves is not very keen towards using an e-card or social media for a wedding as Wedding in itself is very special day, not only for bride and groom but also for the family. So we have come up with an ecofriendly wedding cards. For this you can search on website, wedding cards which are made up of handmade paper or recycled sheet. Even you can ask for a wedding card with seeds in a small packet embedded with it. And you can ask relative to plant those seeds and this makes them remembering your wedding as when they see the plant.

And at last I would say wedding cards are the only way by which you can express your feelings and emotions to your dear one as e-cards are something which is implicit and it becomes hard for others to feel the sentiments attach with the wedding.

Wedding Invitations Online

Wedding Invites are considered as  one of the most unique way by which newlywed couple can share their emotions to their relatives and will show how attached they are and their presence in marriage are also more necessary for them. In another way relatives may also express their attachment to couple by wishing them through well assigned cards in corporation with wonderful wording and presenting a singular gift as well. Though, Cards are the most excellent source to articulate our feelings and emotions. This is fact that each and every person have feelings to their dear one but it depends that how he or she express their feelings.

Wedding Card Invitation

Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding invitations are not only the stationary but you require making out a well organized marriage day. Despite of invitations other accessories you might need like Hindu wedding invitations, scroll wedding cards and RSVP cards etc. After completion of marriage Thank You card shall be sent to your guest and relatives. Adding such type of accessories will definitely save your money as well as enhance the glory of marriage. Classifying wedding cards on-line is obtaining highly regarded currently as individuals are busier and that they need the most effective. This can be an excellent thanks to take advantage time so you’ll be able to pay longer in alternative planning that require your personal attention. Our cards have a varied alternative and are extremely stylish in their presentation. Our gallery is usually updated with new trends. Latest collections are point toward within the specification and you simply click to determine the scale and color. We have a tendency to assure you that each one the suggestions are enclosed in our printing standards. Always be careful that you wedding invitation are going to present first and last notion on this auspicious wedding day. You can browse some best online wedding vendor who makes your task easy. If anyone wants to marry in hurried fashion then it is proficient way to buy them. Just go through the various wedding sites and search marriage invites according to your color and theme.  There are a lot of invitation cards available in many designs and style.