What your wedding card color is saying?

Every color says something, do you know what your color is saying. The connotation of shade is based on the culture and circumstances. These colors have their own language of communicating i.e. nonverbal communication. Even the energy from these is not static, which influence our actions, emotion and sometimes our behavior also.

Wedding Card Invitation

Wedding Invitation Cards

So, let see how these hue have influence on wedding card.

Color red: This shade is generally used as the alert/attention symbol, but as per the wedding card it signifies love and passion. Even red is also symbolizes the good luck and for the occasion like marriage, where you are going to do wedlock and are going to start your new journey; good luck is essential.

Gold/Yellow: It is great communicator and loves to talk. Reflects optimistic and positivity and at the same time add richness and warmth to your new relations. In your new start, helps you in clarity of thoughts and ideas.

Purple/indigo: The color for new-age. Also relates with imagination and spirituality. Wedding card with the color purple/indigo is for the transformation of the soul which gives you deeper understanding and also makes you impartial. It also inspires unconditional love, devoid of ego and encourages your sensitivity and compassion.

Aqua/blue/turquoise: It is refers to clarity of mind and at the same time it show the idealistic nature of yours. So with respect to your wedding card it signifies the opening the line of communication between the heart and the spoken word. This color has the ability to find the ways ahead and balancing us in finding what is right and wrong which helps a lot in starting your new journey.

Brown: The shade of honesty, genuineness and sincerity. For the relation like wedding all three of them are the essential element for the bonding. It also refers to the down to earth and stability.

Isn’t it amazing to have significance of color for your wedding cards? If you really believe in energy of colors, this article is going to be very helpful for you. Please share your wedding card color with us.