Brides Should Be Thankful To…………..

“There is always something to be thankful for “Especially when you are a bride. While planning your wedding there is always a time when you feel stressed out and you need a break. This is the time when you are supposed to sit and think about those who really helping you out in making your wedding a success. In this whole period of planning, there must be some occasion when someone’s help make you relaxed a lot. So why not to thanks all those people who want your wedding to be the best pal for you.


“Your Mom” She is the one who is always there with you in each and every part of the preparation. Whether is it’s about searching your best man or about your wedding gown or about searching perfect wedding card , you will find her close to you.  Even the times when you really need someone, she must be the one. You can ask this feeling of loneliness with the brides who are not that lucky enough to have their mother.  And this is the perfect time to make her feel, how important and thankful you are.

“Your bridesmaids” Sometimes during your planning phase, you end up with the argument with your groom and you really want someone to discuss this about bridesmaids are the one. Bridesmaids are the one who helps you out in each and every part of your planning in one or the other way, they are the one who gives your bridal shower party, one who take you to the bachelorette party and is ready to do want everything on your wish. You should thank them for loving you despite all your flaws.

“Your best man“ He might not the one you want to thank as of now but later in your life you will definitely feel overwhelmed about having him in your life. As after your wedding, there might be times when you are heavy hearted and his kind words help you in getting relaxed. What changes he can make in your life, there is no one else. So you have to be obliged to him for being part of your life.


“Your Guest” Lastly your guest as without them all your celebration is nothing. You will feel something missing factor during your marriage without guests. It is the only guest for whom you do all the preparations and of course they took time for you from their busy schedules. That’s the reason it’s your responsibility to appreciate each and every guest of yours.

Sometimes, your thankful nature not only makes other happy but makes you feel more happier. It is just because of this word which I call “magical”.