Muslim Wedding Ceremony Rituals

We on the earth, follow different traditions and customs as per our religion and the geographical location. But there is one custom which is same for every religion i.e. wedding. Though the rituals for wedding are different for different religion but the emotions behind this are same. If we talk specifically about Muslim wedding, it is considered as a kind of social contract.

Muslim Wedding card

Nikaah is purely based on the holy book of Muslims called ‘Quran’ which states every minute about the contract. What I like best about the Nikaah Contract is the clause of adding the point of your wish by the bride and the groom. There are many clauses in the contract of the Nikaah but the most important out of these is Mahr in which the groom agrees to accept all the responsibilities of the bride and this Mahr has its symbolic meaning. This is not just a simple gift from the groom to the bride; it can be in the form of a kind or cash. But it is not compulsory to present it at the time of wedding but it depends on the flexibility of the future bride which allows her to take that at the time of divorce or the death of the husband. In Muslim wedding, there is free will (named as Ijab) by the bride and the groom stating the acceptance (Kabul) of entering into the scared bond of marriage.

This contract of nikaah is written by both the families i.e. the bride and the groom and along with them two witness. This whole process is done in front of Qazi who is appointed by the court and his presence is very important for the legal wedding.  After all this, “ Aqd Nikaah” (wedding contract) is announced publically.

With all these formalities, wedding sermon is also essential and to present the sermon for this scared bond you need your relatives and family members. Muslim wedding cards , here come into play for inviting your relatives and friends. While reading sermon it is required for the guest to acknowledge their presence in the wedding. Before starting the sermon, praises are said on the name of Allah and we ask him to offer guidance to the couple.

This all about the Muslim wedding traditions. Hope this help you to understand the nuptials of the Nikaah.