Make your wedding a history at historic destination

Historical destination is not restrict to one or two country, as every country has its own history. It’s easy to find a historic place in any of the country. You can look for Castle, abbey or palace to make your wedding a historic and romantic one. These are the places where you can easily find decent dining room, huge ballrooms for your ceremony and reception party.

 For historic wedding you need not to think about any wedding theme as your destination is itself indicate your theme. With such kind of wedding destination, you will get medley of options not only in respect to the destination but also in terms of arrangements. Destination is one thing for which ball is in your court. So let’s discuss on some features which you can incorporate with your wedding destination to make it a real success.

wedding invite

The foremost thing which you need to care about after deciding the location is to start search for the nearby hotels for your accommodations. Or if you have opted, the Historic hotels for your wedding then, you can make arrangements for the accommodation over there. But if you are planning for intimate family wedding and not a lavish affair, you can book rooms to some nearby hotels.

If with the historical wedding destination you are planning to give your wedding a vintage touch, you can make bride and groom entry and departure in a historic ways. Even you can go for traditional food, served in traditional way. Bride and groom can be dressed up in traditional costume to give it a classy look.

Or you can go for fusion option, where you can amalgamate vintage and voguish touch altogether. But need to be careful in doing so as sometimes it ends up in a ruin. To make this theme a perfect, you need to do it in a way that it will look modern but traditional as well. If we talk about costumes, give it a fusion touch. Or if we talk about food, you can serve the modern food in a traditional way or vise-verse.

Sometimes Historical destinations come out to be a costlier affair and it just snatches everything from your pocket. To keep yourself on safer side you need to do prior planning for your dream wedding. If food cost and arrangement cost is on higher scale, you can ask the hotel authorities for giving you permission for hiring some caterer from the outside which fits your pocket well.

Craziest Wedding Cake toppers II

Wedding cake is something which I consider to be most important thing along with the food on the wedding day. As cake cutting ceremony is as important as ring ceremony. Nowadays, it is easy to get a cake of your wish, that too in any custom design. Tasty cake is one thing but at the same time its looks are equally important.

Wow! I am back with more cake toppers for you. Hope you liked my previous article about the cake topper. So let’s get crazy with these wedding cake toppers. These days people don’t talk about beautiful cake, they talk about the cake toppers. And for the occasion like wedding you will get n number of cake toppers, these toppers are cute, vintage look but the most interesting among them is those crazy one.

Wedding Cake Topper

Bride in the cake: After looking to this cake, there was a smile, a big smile on my face. Not just because I was feeling pity about the bride but I smiled at the groom. The efforts he is making, kneeling with concern and his never say die attitude about saving his beautiful wife. I just love the theme of the cake.

Bride with the hunter: How crazy mind people have? This cake is really funny and shocking for the groom. I must say with this cake topper, bride is giving warning to the groom that you will be treated like this in future, the moment you say no to me. I must say, that all the guests at the wedding will laugh.

Groom helping Bride cake: This cake topper is really lovely where groom is sitting at the top of the cake and is helping his bride out. Though this is something really very opposite to the trend, where bride dragging her groom. But this one make me melted a bit.

Baseball bride and Groom: This kind of cake topper works with the couple who are sport loving. That the bride and the groom both are so fascinated about the game that if they get chance on their wedding day will start playing the game without being bothered about the attire.

High five Bride and groom cake topper: Oh finally we did it. This is what bride and groom saying to each other on their wedding day. This type of cake topper is tons of fun for the guest and for the bride and groom, it shows their excitement.

 Hey what if bride started conveying their message through cake topper. What all cake toppers will you find; if this turns true?  Please share your ideas.

North Indian Wedding cards by Indian Cards

India is the country which is known for its vast culture and rituals. I don’t think there is any religion that you will not found in India. You just name the culture, you will find here. I am amazed to see that in India itself, there are more than 1600 languages spoken.

So in the country with such a vast culture and rituals, you will find different nuptial in every single wedding. And if we talk about the wedding invitations or marriage cards, how can you distinguish it with the culture. Today, I have come up with the North Indian style wedding cards for your wedding.

north Indian wedding cards

Red embossed invitations: Red and brown combination of this cards makes it one of the elegant cards fitting everyone style. The red color flap with the golden color damask pattern make is unique in itself. This is not it, the golden color design on the main card as the boundary of the flap is enhancing its beauty. Though the envelope is decent but goes best with the invitations.

Dancing Radha Krishna invites: For north Indian wedding, this Radha Krishna card is perfect match for your wedding. They are known for their love for each other and wedding itself is the symbol of love and dignity. So according to me this wedding invitation will not only show the bond of your love but also make other realize the same.

Rose and lord Ganesha:  This wedding invite is glorious. The color combination and the unique printing style make me fond of this invite. The rustic look, with flowers and lord Ganesh makes it wholesome and gratifying. Even the inserts in a photo frame printing with same rustic look are divine. What all you need from a wedding card?

Red Lotus: Laser cut lotus with the fabric touch, is the center of attraction of the wedding card. And the damask print of the same is making it distinguish. Along with this the golden border is completing the story of the card. This card is perfect for your royal themed wedding.

Color palette: This is actually color palette, which is having various design in itself like block printing and each block is telling the different story. Some blocks have traditional pattern, some have the damask pattern and the center one is having the symbol of lord Ganesh. And in contrast of the main card, envelop is totally different. This one is perfect for your informal wedding style.

These cards are perfect for your exclusive north Indian wedding style. Each card has its own story. What story is your invitation card is telling to your guests. Do share with us.

Craziest Wedding Cake Toppers

What is cake topper? Most of you don’t have any idea about it. So let me tell you, it is a piece which we keep at the top of the cake to enhance its value or look. Cake topper can be a bunch of flowers, can be a show piece or it can be a photo frame, etc.  But these cake toppers will finally complete the story of the cake.

These days cake toppers are in trend and people really like it. It also helps the bakers as it will reduce their creative task, now they just need to decorate the cake in the matching theme of the cake topper, that’s all. So let’s see what all kind of cake topper we have.

cake topper

Runaway groom cake topper: This cake topper is really humorous, I must say. This is the cake topper where the groom, running away from the wedding and the bride is trying to stop him. Really crazy! But what bride is trying to convey with this cake topper is really very difficult to understand. Is that mean girl is actually trying to convince her husband to marry her. Miserable!  All this is really a personal choice. Might be for someone this is something very hilarious.

Bicycle cake topper: this one is vintage look. I must say this one is so elegant, wholesome and unmatched. The way bride is holding her arms, sharing the handle bar with him. Shows that they have pick up the speed to their new journey. Both of them are so much involved that they don’t bother about anything. I just love this bicycle topper.

Golfing groom cake topper:  perfect match for the groom who is golf fanatic. On his wedding day, he is dressed up for the wedding but before that he wants to hit some links. And the bride standing aside crossed arm with the attitude, saying his husband to better be on time.

Groom stuck cake topper: This one is really nice.  Groom who got stuck in the cake and the bride is giving a stance as if she doesn’t care about him. Perfect one! She is standing like groom has done something wrong and he is supposed to be treated like this on his mistake.

Groom trying to climb the cake topper:  this one is ludicrous where bride is standing on the top of the cake and waving her hand to the crowd or audience and she forgets about the groom. On the other hand groom is trying to climb at the cake and asking the bride to take him up but bride is not at all bother about him.

These are few of my beloved ones or I must say craziest one. Choice of the toppers is something very personal, some want to convey some message through them, while others want to make the ceremony hilarious for the guest. Last choice is yours.

We will be sharing more, craziest topper for the cake. By the time you can share your wedding cake topped with us.

Innovative DIY Save the Date Cards

Save the date cards are one, which your near and dear ones receive about 2-3 months before your wedding, so for me it should be prolific or creative so that your guest will remain it for a long time. And that’s the reason I have come up with these save the date cards. These save the date cards are innovative and DIY also. So let’s start with the ingenious ideas for your celebrations.

1.Balloon Save the date: For save the date you can have Balloon invitations and your guest will get all information about save the date after inflating it. This idea is DIY and you can easily do it, sitting at your home or you can get it printed also.

balloon wedding invitation

2.Helium Balloon invitation: For guests staying local you can use this type of save the date as helium filled balloon life is small. You can put helium filled balloon into a box. When your guest opens the box, balloon will just start moving up in the air and the paper tie to it will give invitation information.

Helium balloon save the date card

3. 3D Save the Date card: This is going to be fun for your guests when they receive such 3D cards. These cards will only reveal the save the date secret when seen through red light.

3d save the date cards

4.Scratch off save the date cards: What if, your save the card is like a scratch card. It will remind you about your childhood, when you love to collect scratch cards tattoo or gift.

scratch off save the date card

So this is all about my ideas on save the date cards. Even you can use these with your theme based wedding invitations. What all other ideas you can suggest?

Pumpkin Themed Wedding

Wedding theme! Wedding Theme! Wedding Theme! What theme to choose for the theme based wedding? All of you must have the same question when it is about the wedding? Color themes are so common that nobody what to opt it anymore. So now the question arises what to choose, which is unique and different? And the answer I get is going for pumpkin theme.

At first, I was wondering how this theme will work. But, later on get a clear picture on its incorporation. How it will give my wedding theme a perfect picture. Let me take you to the tour of this wedding theme. I am sure that you will definitely like this theme as I do.

pumpkin wedding theme

Wedding invitation: Wedding invitation is the most important thing for your wedding. And that’s the reason why I consider, your theme should starts from here only. This should be your very first step to incorporate your wedding theme. So now the question arises is how can we get a pumpkin wedding theme incorporated in the wedding invitation? And the answer is getting some pumpkin based border or can have pumpkin color or can have pumpkin as your wedding invitation background. And if you can have that embossed, this is going to be most innovative on.

Wedding décor: it is one of my favorite sections in this article as I have bag full of ideas on this. Let’s start it with the aisle, whether it is outdoor or indoor wedding, you can put different color on pumpkin and place them at the start of each row, all over the aisle. Even at the dining area you can place pumpkin; even you can use the pumpkin in the shape containers to serve the food or can use candles in the shape of pumpkin and so on. In place of table cards, you can use pumpkin with a number engraved into it. You can also have pumpkin shape lantern at various places to give your theme a perfect look.

Pumpkin wedding cake

Wedding cake: Pumpkin cake is so common that it will not going to create any difficulty in your wedding cake. But the question arises that with respect to the taste it is easy to implement but when it is about the outer look, there is a big question mark. But I have solution of this. For this you can ask your cake maker to put small size pumpkin all-round the cake in a spiral manner or you can have a faux cake in the shape of pumpkin. Choice is yours.

Pumpkin based desserts bar: You can have a pumpkin bar of desserts at your wedding, where you can have different sorts of desserts in either the pumpkin shape or with pumpkin flavor.

Escort cards: after telling you so many things on this particular theme, I think now you have an idea about the escort cards. But still I will give you an idea about it. You can use pumpkins with a small name tags on them as your escort cards. Even you can use pumpkin in all other wedding stationary.

If you have any other idea about the pumpkin theme you can suggest, what all we can do  with this theme to make it a splendid one.

Wedding Ring Forever

Wedding ring is something very special for both the bride and the groom. Every couple wants their wedding ring to be unique and different, so that it looks gorgeous forever. Few of you love different sort of precious stones like ruby, emerald, sapphire etc. And how can I forget the most important and the heart of every women the diamond. People spend thousands in their wedding ring because it is something very precious for every couple.

Today I have come up with a new idea for your wedding ring which will remain forever with you and there is no option of losing it. You can have it in any color or design of your wish and that is tattoo on your ring finger. Latest trend says that wedding ring tattoo is the unmatched and like by most of the couples. The best part of it is that it will always remain with you for life time. You are having n number of options to get it done.

Wedding Ring

I will let you know the guidelines related to the wedding ring tattoos as there are few things which is really important for you to know, the basic idea about it. Most of you think about it but never tried it because of fear. So lets have all about the wedding ring tattoo and get best out of it.

  • Always try to select small design or motif but with dark ink combination for your wedding ring. As our finger’s skin is not exemplary for tattoos, you can only tattooed you upper part of the finger as tattoo at lower parts fade off soon.
  • It is really very important to decide prior about the ring tattoo as it takes approx. two week to get heel up and give vibrant colors. So both of you should get it done two weeks prior the wedding date or can get it done after your wedding.
  • Have to give great care for two week from water and other chemicals. Sunlight is good for your tattooed skin.

There are good things about the wedding ring tattoos, which makes you inclined towards it like there are people who have allergy towards the metal and they can’t wear any sort of ring, for such people tattoo is a good idea, you can use it as anti-cheating band and once you get it done your partner can’t remove it and cheat you and the most important is for the people who do hand work and wearing ring is not possible for them, etc.

With all these pros, there are few cons also like there are few cases when tattoo not suits your skin. Sometimes tattoos bleed out after few years. So I will always advise you to consult some experience tattoo artist before getting it done.

DIY Seating Charts

Preparing a seating chart for your guests is really a brain storming task. And if you need to do it yourself, it is really going to be tough one. As if you are responsible, you want it to be unique and at the same time it should be elegant. For those who believe in doing things by themselves, I have a list options for you.

Once you decide your cup of tea in respect to seating chart design, it become easier for you to decide the comfort-ability of your guests. And giving it a personal touch is really a nice idea.  These options will help you in deciding and preparing your wedding seating chart. Always try to follow your wedding theme with seating chart but if there is no theme for your wedding, you can have number of options with you. Few of DIY seating charts are here.

DIY Photo Seating Charts

Personalized photos of your guest, in a small size photo frames tied with a ribbon on the board and that too encircled with a table card is an aristocratic one. This kind of chart is not only convenient for the guest to find out their way but this make them feel glad.

Seating Charts

Decent and splendid way of representing seating charts is with the ribbons. This one is perfect with any color theme as you can paint the circles with your theme and even can put the matching ribbons. These types of charts are favorable for both formal and informal parties.

heart shape seating chart

This one is perfect for the heart theme wedding. For those who love simplicity, this one is perfect suiting your style to direct your guests to their tables.

DIY seating chart

If you love Legends, this one is classical way of representing the seating arrangement. What I like most about this is the assortment for the guests by work place, dad’s friends, bride side, groom side, mom side and so on. According to these classifications, it becomes easier in arranging your seating chart.

DIY is what your style statement says. It’s always preferable to personalized guests sitting arrangement. Do share your sitting charts with us.

Just Us Wedding

Just Us Wedding!!!!! Yes, couples these days want just two of them on their wedding day. No guest wedding is in the trend, as couples believe that wedding is solely a private affair and it’s all about both of them. But how can you celebrate your best pals without your near and dear ones.

People have different opinion about this ‘no guest wedding’, few couples are so shy that they just don’t want spotlight on them. Few of them want to do their wedding abroad with all the lavish things they admire and for that, their budget allows only two of them.  Some thinks that, most of the bride and groom seems to be busy in entertaining their guest whole day that they themselves not able to enjoy. And there are few also, who just don’t want to take trouble in arranging all the wedding stuff.

just us wedding

I don’t know what people think about this ‘no guest wedding ‘, but if someone ask me about “Just Us” wedding, I may agree to this. Every person has its own perception about the kind of wedding they want, but I am in favor of this wedding due to many reasons.

Main reason, why I am inclined towards this sort of wedding is nowadays people are spending so much on their wedding that most of the couple ended up with busted budget. In this tough economy it’s really difficult to meet the high expenses of the wedding. As per the bride magazine, a wedding cost is around 28,000$ and at last all this is waste what you get out of it is nothing. So it’s better to spend 5000-10000$ and get life time experience on your wedding by just having two of you.  At the last, by doing so, you will have some fine experience to share for you wedding. And not only this, you will be doing, all what you wanted to do on your wedding.

There are few couples who want to do wedding at their favorite destinations and those destinations are so costly that you can’t afford guest, so it better to ditch your guests as, marriage is all about two of you.

Not only this, if you compare what all havoc we do in our wedding, your ethics will say no to you. How can you be so mean that you will do so much of wastage alone in your wedding?

Every coin has two sides, so before taking any step it’s better to unturned the other side. Similarly for ‘no guest wedding’, there are few drawbacks which you should know. Firstly by doing such wedding you will not enlighten to get blessing and best wishes from your near and dear ones.  Even there are many who just love to celebrate with their near and dear ones and this kind of wedding will end up in elope.  And even there are masses who are not ready till now to except such wedding.

All what is important is the acceptance of the couple and their family on this. Please suggest what you think about it.

Wedding on Elephant Theme

Wow! Elephant themed wedding sounds crazy isn’t it? But, trusts me people are doing it. Recently I got an opportunity to attend one wedding and the theme of the wedding was Elephant. Earlier I was not in mood to attend the wedding but when I got to know that the wedding is on elephant theme, I was in high spirit to attend the wedding.

Believe me once you get to know all about the wedding, you will get fascinated about this wedding. For me it was life time experience. And I am really very excited to tell you guys about this. Let me start it with the wedding invitations

Elephant themed wedding

Wedding invitation:  wedding invitations were really very elegant with the elephants on it. The elephants on the invitation card were so chromatic with the stones work on it and both the elephant were mingling with the help of their trunk which was looking romantic. Even what I like most was about the save the date cards, in that there was an elephant who was taking a flag with the help of its trunk and on that flag ‘save the date’ was written. Not only this, even RSVP was also very nice with an elephant.  I have no idea how much the invitation cards cost to them, but I can suggest you to go for such theme with cheap wedding invitations. As, by doing this you can plan your theme wedding with low budget also.

Groom and guests entry:  I must say this wedding was on Thai touch, where elephant is used to transport the groom to his beloved bride. And not only this, even guest were also taken to the ceremony site through elephant only. It was a nice experience of elephant ride that too on the elephant who was decorated for the wedding purpose. Even at the entrance gate bride’s family member put brooch with elephant on it, on the coat to greet them.

Decoration: Reception location was festooned in totally different way. They have created small elephant fully loaded with flowers. On the dining tables they have put metallic elephants as the place card holder and even on the napkins they put small wooden elephant as the good luck symbol. Elephant cake topper beautifying the cake.

Favors: The favors presented by the bride and groom were actually the candlewick but candlewick was in the shape of elephant and this was something which gave their wedding a finishing touch.

There were many other things which they opted in the wedding rituals to give their theme a perfect touch like exchanging vows on top of the elephant and after all the rituals couple walk under the elephant as in Thai culture, it is consider as a good luck for the new couple. This wedding was astounding for me.

Hope you like the wedding theme, Do share your views on it.