Indian Traditional – Wedding Theme

Wedding theme are difficult task to execute and special when you are considering the traditions of some other origin like you are staying in the USA and want your ceremony to be as per the Indian traditions. There are so many obstacles when you are planning your wedlock like this. But it is really going to be a memorable experience not only for you but for the guests also.

Indian tradition and customs are so lovely that you just have one word to say i.e. phenomenal. Let see how you can plan and execute your Indian style wedding in the USA. Before starting with it lets have a look what all we are going to include in your marriage. There are many rituals took place in Asian style nuptials but we will include only those which make your wedding an incredible one.

Indian wedding invitations

Wedding attire: If we are talking about the Indian style marriage, your B-day costume should be purely Indian traditional one; ‘Lehenga’ for the bride and ‘Sherwani’ for the groom. And how can I forget bridesmaid, of course they are going to wear ‘Saree’. Indian tradition is not just about the costume but you have to wear accessories also like bangles, nose ring, head gear, earring extra. If it is possible for the bride to arrange all this, she would definitely look gorgeous.

Henna Ceremony with your bridal shower: plan your bridal shower 2-3 days before your wedding day and on the same day you can arrange for the henna ceremony. In India, this ceremony is especially for the females’ friends and family member, and in your bridal shower you can easily arrange for someone who can apply henna on the hand. This kind of ceremony will help you in giving your wedding a great Indian touch.

Spinster party: In your spinster party you can arrange for the some Indian number to rock the floor. By doing this you will able to give your wedding a realistic Indian touch.  And your guest will enjoys for sure.

B-day rituals: it’s all up to the bride and the groom that how they want their wedding rituals to take place. But if they really want it to be as per the Indian traditions you have to take a pain for making all the arrangements. Like in Asia wedlock is usually taking place in front of the fire as it is considered to be the purest of all. Even the vows are totally different. But doing it differently should be your motto of the marriage.

Wedding invitations: this is for sure, your marriage cards are supposed to be as per the traditions. Indian traditional cards are so beautiful that you cannot resist ending up buying them. The Indian marriage invites are high in cultural and traditional value even you can search for Indian wedding theme invitations. The one who has idea about the Indian values know the importance and meaning of the wedding cards.

Following traditions of any culture is really very difficult to do but if you just do a mix and match of the traditional with the one you follow, it’s become really very easy to do like we have done henna ceremony along with the bridal shower party, which is going appropriately with the situation and at the same time solving your purpose also. Amalgamation is easier than to make it purely based on ones tradition.

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