Rainbow colors of Indian Wedding

India is colorful as you will find every possible culture flourishing here. Seriously I have never seen a country like this where there are so many cultures around. This country is not just about a single religion but, it is a perfect blend of religions.

When the country is so colorful with all such religions, just imagine how beautiful is the wedding rituals are going to be. I must say this is going to be a chromatic one. So far what I have seen about the nuptials, I have just one word to describe it “kaleidoscopic”. In the marriages here, you will find each and every form of communication of emotions.

In the wedding, starting from the very first ceremony to the last ceremony, you will find color from happiness to sadness. Let’s see what all shades, we have in the Indian nuptials and how they make your wedlock versatile and vibrant one. So starting with:

Roka: Also known as Tilak Ceremony. This is the custom, where bride’s father puts auspicious Tilak on the forehead of the Groom and gives coconut and some gifts to the groom and his family as to convey that this wedding is fixed or you can say they just lock it. And this is how the very first ritual takes place for the wedding. I will give this a color Green (color to Go-ahead). Thereafter you will find n number of different nuptials but here we are going to discuss only a few of them.


Sangeet Sandhya: You can call this as musical night also. For this occasion, both the family prepares some dance numbers. On the event day you will find, both the family busy in pulling each other legs with the help of the songs on which they perform. But trust me, they do it with high spirit and don’t consider it otherwise. I am going to give this event a color Yellow (color of happiness).

Mehndi: Mehndi is the ceremony where the Bride family put Haldi Paste on the bride’s face, hands and legs and thereafter they puts mehndi on her hands and legs. This is considered to be sacred tradition. And same is done at groom’s side. It is also believed that darker the color of mehndi, the most loving partner you will get. Not only the bride and groom put mehndi but each and every family member especially female put heena. So what color should I give to this occasion? Orange (color benign warmth of sun)

Wedding and reception: In matrimony ceremony, you will find both the family busy in doing all the customs, all those seven vows in front of fire. Along with this, bride and groom play various sorts of games, it is just for fun but have some traditional significance also. All this is followed by reception where all the elder members of the family give their blessing to the couple. And at last, they have a ritual called vidai. Here you will find tears in the eyes of bride family as she is going to leave her father’s house and will start her new journey. So here, in this last stage of wedding, you will find all seven colors of rainbow and their significance also set appropriately with Indian marriage.

So this is, all about the colorful wedlock in Asia. Hope you enjoyed every single moment of wedding, which is nothing without an Indian cards. This article has covered almost every important ritual, which is considered to be part of this occasion. Every marriage is nothing without the invitation, so for designer wedding card you can browse various online stores.

Make your wedding a history at historic destination

Historical destination is not restrict to one or two country, as every country has its own history. It’s easy to find a historic place in any of the country. You can look for Castle, abbey or palace to make your wedding a historic and romantic one. These are the places where you can easily find decent dining room, huge ballrooms for your ceremony and reception party.

 For historic wedding you need not to think about any wedding theme as your destination is itself indicate your theme. With such kind of wedding destination, you will get medley of options not only in respect to the destination but also in terms of arrangements. Destination is one thing for which ball is in your court. So let’s discuss on some features which you can incorporate with your wedding destination to make it a real success.

wedding invite

The foremost thing which you need to care about after deciding the location is to start search for the nearby hotels for your accommodations. Or if you have opted, the Historic hotels for your wedding then, you can make arrangements for the accommodation over there. But if you are planning for intimate family wedding and not a lavish affair, you can book rooms to some nearby hotels.

If with the historical wedding destination you are planning to give your wedding a vintage touch, you can make bride and groom entry and departure in a historic ways. Even you can go for traditional food, served in traditional way. Bride and groom can be dressed up in traditional costume to give it a classy look.

Or you can go for fusion option, where you can amalgamate vintage and voguish touch altogether. But need to be careful in doing so as sometimes it ends up in a ruin. To make this theme a perfect, you need to do it in a way that it will look modern but traditional as well. If we talk about costumes, give it a fusion touch. Or if we talk about food, you can serve the modern food in a traditional way or vise-verse.

Sometimes Historical destinations come out to be a costlier affair and it just snatches everything from your pocket. To keep yourself on safer side you need to do prior planning for your dream wedding. If food cost and arrangement cost is on higher scale, you can ask the hotel authorities for giving you permission for hiring some caterer from the outside which fits your pocket well.

Craziest Wedding Cake Toppers

What is cake topper? Most of you don’t have any idea about it. So let me tell you, it is a piece which we keep at the top of the cake to enhance its value or look. Cake topper can be a bunch of flowers, can be a show piece or it can be a photo frame, etc.  But these cake toppers will finally complete the story of the cake.

These days cake toppers are in trend and people really like it. It also helps the bakers as it will reduce their creative task, now they just need to decorate the cake in the matching theme of the cake topper, that’s all. So let’s see what all kind of cake topper we have.

cake topper

Runaway groom cake topper: This cake topper is really humorous, I must say. This is the cake topper where the groom, running away from the wedding and the bride is trying to stop him. Really crazy! But what bride is trying to convey with this cake topper is really very difficult to understand. Is that mean girl is actually trying to convince her husband to marry her. Miserable!  All this is really a personal choice. Might be for someone this is something very hilarious.

Bicycle cake topper: this one is vintage look. I must say this one is so elegant, wholesome and unmatched. The way bride is holding her arms, sharing the handle bar with him. Shows that they have pick up the speed to their new journey. Both of them are so much involved that they don’t bother about anything. I just love this bicycle topper.

Golfing groom cake topper:  perfect match for the groom who is golf fanatic. On his wedding day, he is dressed up for the wedding but before that he wants to hit some links. And the bride standing aside crossed arm with the attitude, saying his husband to better be on time.

Groom stuck cake topper: This one is really nice.  Groom who got stuck in the cake and the bride is giving a stance as if she doesn’t care about him. Perfect one! She is standing like groom has done something wrong and he is supposed to be treated like this on his mistake.

Groom trying to climb the cake topper:  this one is ludicrous where bride is standing on the top of the cake and waving her hand to the crowd or audience and she forgets about the groom. On the other hand groom is trying to climb at the cake and asking the bride to take him up but bride is not at all bother about him.

These are few of my beloved ones or I must say craziest one. Choice of the toppers is something very personal, some want to convey some message through them, while others want to make the ceremony hilarious for the guest. Last choice is yours.

We will be sharing more, craziest topper for the cake. By the time you can share your wedding cake topped with us.

Wedding Ring Forever

Wedding ring is something very special for both the bride and the groom. Every couple wants their wedding ring to be unique and different, so that it looks gorgeous forever. Few of you love different sort of precious stones like ruby, emerald, sapphire etc. And how can I forget the most important and the heart of every women the diamond. People spend thousands in their wedding ring because it is something very precious for every couple.

Today I have come up with a new idea for your wedding ring which will remain forever with you and there is no option of losing it. You can have it in any color or design of your wish and that is tattoo on your ring finger. Latest trend says that wedding ring tattoo is the unmatched and like by most of the couples. The best part of it is that it will always remain with you for life time. You are having n number of options to get it done.

Wedding Ring

I will let you know the guidelines related to the wedding ring tattoos as there are few things which is really important for you to know, the basic idea about it. Most of you think about it but never tried it because of fear. So lets have all about the wedding ring tattoo and get best out of it.

  • Always try to select small design or motif but with dark ink combination for your wedding ring. As our finger’s skin is not exemplary for tattoos, you can only tattooed you upper part of the finger as tattoo at lower parts fade off soon.
  • It is really very important to decide prior about the ring tattoo as it takes approx. two week to get heel up and give vibrant colors. So both of you should get it done two weeks prior the wedding date or can get it done after your wedding.
  • Have to give great care for two week from water and other chemicals. Sunlight is good for your tattooed skin.

There are good things about the wedding ring tattoos, which makes you inclined towards it like there are people who have allergy towards the metal and they can’t wear any sort of ring, for such people tattoo is a good idea, you can use it as anti-cheating band and once you get it done your partner can’t remove it and cheat you and the most important is for the people who do hand work and wearing ring is not possible for them, etc.

With all these pros, there are few cons also like there are few cases when tattoo not suits your skin. Sometimes tattoos bleed out after few years. So I will always advise you to consult some experience tattoo artist before getting it done.

Just Us Wedding

Just Us Wedding!!!!! Yes, couples these days want just two of them on their wedding day. No guest wedding is in the trend, as couples believe that wedding is solely a private affair and it’s all about both of them. But how can you celebrate your best pals without your near and dear ones.

People have different opinion about this ‘no guest wedding’, few couples are so shy that they just don’t want spotlight on them. Few of them want to do their wedding abroad with all the lavish things they admire and for that, their budget allows only two of them.  Some thinks that, most of the bride and groom seems to be busy in entertaining their guest whole day that they themselves not able to enjoy. And there are few also, who just don’t want to take trouble in arranging all the wedding stuff.

just us wedding

I don’t know what people think about this ‘no guest wedding ‘, but if someone ask me about “Just Us” wedding, I may agree to this. Every person has its own perception about the kind of wedding they want, but I am in favor of this wedding due to many reasons.

Main reason, why I am inclined towards this sort of wedding is nowadays people are spending so much on their wedding that most of the couple ended up with busted budget. In this tough economy it’s really difficult to meet the high expenses of the wedding. As per the bride magazine, a wedding cost is around 28,000$ and at last all this is waste what you get out of it is nothing. So it’s better to spend 5000-10000$ and get life time experience on your wedding by just having two of you.  At the last, by doing so, you will have some fine experience to share for you wedding. And not only this, you will be doing, all what you wanted to do on your wedding.

There are few couples who want to do wedding at their favorite destinations and those destinations are so costly that you can’t afford guest, so it better to ditch your guests as, marriage is all about two of you.

Not only this, if you compare what all havoc we do in our wedding, your ethics will say no to you. How can you be so mean that you will do so much of wastage alone in your wedding?

Every coin has two sides, so before taking any step it’s better to unturned the other side. Similarly for ‘no guest wedding’, there are few drawbacks which you should know. Firstly by doing such wedding you will not enlighten to get blessing and best wishes from your near and dear ones.  Even there are many who just love to celebrate with their near and dear ones and this kind of wedding will end up in elope.  And even there are masses who are not ready till now to except such wedding.

All what is important is the acceptance of the couple and their family on this. Please suggest what you think about it.

Zero Gravity Wedding Ceremony

I am always crazy about the unusual wedding venues or the ceremony. These days’ people really want to do folly things on their wedding like doing it in hot air balloon, under water wedding, glacier wedding, etc. But I never heard about doing your wedding ceremony at zero gravity. Must say this is what we call tomfoolery.

Zero gravity is weightlessness or is an absence of Weight, in-fact it is in the absence of stress or strain from the external forces. Sounds amazing! How it feels when we are at a place where there is no gravity or 0G? You will definitely start floating or flying. Where it becomes difficult to manage yourself is it possible to do wedding ceremony at such places?

If you are searching for same kind of destination, solution is here.  Few days back thousands of meters above the Gulf of Mexico, a wedding ceremony took place, was the world’s first zero gravity wedding. All this was successful with the help of the company name Zero G offering zero gravity flight experience for one hour.


Both the bride and groom share their experience of doing their wedding in 0G. They said, it was actually weird than they expected.

Bride wore white wedding gown with a planet shape earrings and the groom wore tuxedo and aircraft shaped cuff links to give it a theme. It was taken in a specially modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft with padded fuselage.

Couple faces few difficulties while taking vows and exchanging rings. Not only this, they bumble while take the kiss in the aircraft. But it was really a nice experience for both the couple and the guests. Not only this, it was difficult for the all of them to keep themselves at one place, so to keep themselves fix they build a human chain. But then also, all of them were fumbling inside the aircraft.

This is what we call height of craziness. Saying“I DO”, can be more excited than this? If yes, do share with us.

A monsoon wedding

Monsoon on your wedding day is something which is like a nightmare. Most of you think a monsoon on a wedding will end up with blunders as creates lots of trouble in your management until and unless you have option B. And if we talk about believe related to marriage it is considered to be a good omen. Do you belief so? If not let me lighten up some of the trivia. These trivia will explain you about a monsoon wedding and the omen related to it.

How can you imagine a monsoon wedding a good omen?  As it, will creates panic among the crowd. Read below to have the list of reason why they claim it good or bad omen.

monsoon wedding

These omens are good or bad depending on the culture you are in. Most of them consider it a good omen as it is a symbol of happiness, cleaning, fertility, unity, renewals and tears.

Happiness: Whenever there is monsoon, we feel happy and that’s the reason why most of them consider it as symbol of happiness in the married life.

Tears: As rain washed away tears from your face. It indicates that it will wash all the tears from the married couple life.

Unity: Whenever you tie a knot in wet cloth, it becomes difficult to open that knot, same way you’re married life bond will be stronger and longer. Both the couples get unit forever.

Renewals: Rain washed away dirt and clean up everything like a new one similarly, it will remove all the dirt present in the memories and left you with everything new.

Fertility: As after rain soil turns fertile, similarly it symbolizes that couple should have children in future.

It’s not enough as there is some bad omen related too. Like some consider rain represents tears and the bride have to cry throughout her married life.

According to me all these are just superstitions which have no relevance to our life. It’s all up to you whether you believe it or not or you consider it as bad or good. It is something which is not controlled by you or anyone else as all these are natural.

A Great Wedding Toast

Wedding toast is something on which you need to give great care. It is really a tough task. For some it gets choked up, others started it very high but ends up with blunder , few have public speaking fear and there are some which delivers  short and sweet one, but unremarkable.

Wedding toast

How you want a wedding toast to be like? Let’s focus on some of the tips which turn your toast a great one.

Self-work: It is really important to know your audience. Try to deliver it well and in timely manner. While delivering always tries to know, what will be touchy for your audience? If you want it to be funny, always share an incident with the audience. And the most important don’t make it inappropriate one.

Draft a speech: While drafting, try to match the tone of the party and then determine your speech. You can make it funny one but don’t add up any inappropriate incident or the incident which will create focus on you rather than the couple. While delivering, keep yourself focused on the aim. Give it from the heart to make it meaningful.

Practice: If you are confident enough then one or two rehearsal would be fine but if you are the one with stage fear, spend more time on it. Best is to stand in front of the mirror and then do practice so that, you will feel comfortable.

Body posture: While delivering speech, remain standup with smile on your face, should be confident and excellent body posture by standing straight with open hands. And lastly hold your glass with appropriate amount of drink in it.

Stay connected: Always make eye contact with the bride and the groom before starting and then with the two or three audience. While delivering, keeps your eye contact with the audience so that it shows that you are delivering to the whole crowd. And when you address someone’s name do eye contact with him so that he feels pleasure.

Along with these there are few more things which you need to focus on like always keep your toast small and sweet, Maintain leveled emotions and do jot it down if required. At the end conclude you’re the speech with a thoughtful toast for the bride and the groom.

And at the last ask all to cheers.

Let Peacock dance in this rainy season weddings

Peacock is the bird with vibrant colors. It looks great in rainy season flaring out its feather, showing those beautiful colors. So let’s make your wedding with the peacock theme wedding invitations. Some beautiful peacock wedding cards are here to make your wedding more colorful and vibrant.

 Peacock theme wedding invitations

  • White and Blue Peacock Invitation: Beautiful creation of invitation with white envelope and blue card. Envelope is decant and sober and at the same time, chromatic card with n number of colors. On card, can see peacock with open feathers filled with vibrant colors and the golden color in the feather enriching its beauty.
  • Blue color with actual peacock feather: Card in blue color with self-design of parsley in a shade of blue giving it nice combination. Actual feather at the center make it look more exquisite. And feather with a flute represent god Krishna. This is the one what we call unmatched. Combination of blue color with green and blue feather makes it simply great.
  • Pink n blue invitation blue flap with a feather design in curved shaped give it a contemporary look and elegant envelope with just a feather design. This is the one suiting to everyone’s choice as card in having colors for everyone irrespective of age.
  • Blue invitation with Ganesh in feather trunk: Blue color invitation card for those who want traditional wedding invitations. Feather trunk of Ganesh makes it look unique. Parsley design in combination of blue and golden color and along with that image of Ganesh in golden color giving it a balance.

Craziest Wedding Destinations

Let’s break the traditional way of saying “I DO”. Today people want to do crazy things with their life mate at the time of wedding. Are you the one who think so? If yes, I have bucket full of crazy ideas for you. For this you need to be open for doing such unusual things to celebrate your big day. Let’s start this journey with some off-the-beaten-track ideas.

Hot air balloon Imagine you in between sky and ground while saying “I DO”. How it feels when you are celebrating your big day, flying in the air, standing inside a hot air balloon with your life partner. For me this feeling is unimaginable.  Add-on to this is additional hot air balloon taking your guests, so that they will be there with you to greet you at the time of landing. The landscape from there will be like a utopia and at the same time the feeling of fear and happiness together makes it unmatched.

Sky diving If I have to explain what will I feel doing so on my wedding, ends up with “goose bumps “. How do you feel falling down over 120MPH, just after saying “I DO” with your life partner? Seems to be romantic! Starting your new journey like this is really awesome not only for you but also for your relatives and friends witnessing the same. I must say this is something which you will never forget in your life time.

Wedding Destinations

Mountain top this seems to be decent. Feeling of landed on the ground but at the same time you are nowhere in this world. The view of nature from there is something remarkable for you and your near and dear ones. With such a destination for your Wedding, you must end with awesome clicks and sweet memories.

Dolphin wedding:  Sweetest one not exactly the craziest destination. Sweet as at the time of exchanging rings dolphins come up with your wedding rings.  They make it special not only for you but also for the guest. Dolphin as your witness in your celebrations is a good idea.

Desert is known to be the hottest place. You will find sand everywhere till your range of vision. All dress up in traditional outfits and you will find yourself surrounded by camel, palm trees and a small pond of water.

Lapland Reindeer farm wedding what it feels when Reindeers take you through snow forest and drops you in front of chapel made of snow and ice. People standing out there to greet you. Inside the igloo you do all the wedding rituals. And after wedding can meet the people staying there and know more about their culture.

These themes are really crazy. Isn’t it? Do you know something better than this? If yes, do share your ideas.