How To Pick Perfect Indian Wedding Cards

The marriage ceremony is a very important function for every person whether he lives in India or outside the India. Indian marriages are prominent and known for the warm welcome of guests and colorful ceremonies across the world. These ceremonies take place from some days to months and cover numerous types of functions. The way of tradition and its celebration may differ for both bride and groom’s side. All relatives and close friends of family can be seen very excited and eagerly look forward to the marriage ceremony. Family of the groom and bride also invite their relatives, friends and member of society. If you are an Indian, living in the USA and just plan to marry then definitely you should plot something with an Indian wedding planner.

Indian wedding includes several traditions and events that make your marriage very special and cherished. When you have planned for your bridal according to Indian theme, cards should be Indian. Through selecting Indian Wedding Cards in USA you can feel like your marriage is organized like Indian wedding. It will also impress your relatives that how much you are connected from your country. It also helps you in growing bonding of your family with your relatives. In every sense of the word, an Indian Marriage ceremony is an occasion to celebrate and exchange gossips and splendid lunches and dinners.

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You can search Indian Wedding invitation Cards online and there you will find several designs and series of wedding cards. Sometimes, you may get confuse in deciding best bridal card for you, but you can select them according to your choice and marriage theme. It can save your time and money if you selected invitation card in advance i.e. before the time of marriage. It can be ridiculous for you to select an invitation card immediately. Scroll wedding invitations are in demand these days so it may be a clever idea to choose pre designed scroll invitations. Scroll invitation cards are not only great looking, but also recognized for fabulously designs.

These all cards could be available on your order even in many design, plates and numbers. You can contact to bridal Cards Company and ask them for its price and printing time. According to a normal idea it doesn’t take more time in printing so you can request for multiple cards printing in less time. However, before selecting marriage invitation card, you must have an idea of bridal theme. If you select marriage cards according to the theme, then it will attract your relatives and friends and through invitation cards they will be able to know that what is the schedule of marriage functions and what is the theme?

If you have already set your mind for choosing Indian invitation cards, then you must follow these strategies as it may help you in selecting right invitation card for your wedding. Remember one thing your marriage is not a trivial event, it is a grand event for you and your family so choose an antique card to invite your guests. If you want to familiarize your would be life partner with your guest, then you can print a photograph of your engagement party.

123 of Indian wedding cards online purchasing

Earlier selecting a wedding card was not that much fun as it is now days. People need to visit 3-4 shop in the city and have to ask them to show the cards of your budget. Then there are cases when you like the card but it’s too expensive or it is out of stock. With all the tensions, you have to select the card, that you don’t like much but your worries are not ended here, most important thing is the proofing of the cards. After giving all the care, at the end you finds that there are mistakes in your wedding card. This is what makes you upset.

But today I am taking you to a store where you can get your wedding card at your doorstep in just 3 steps. Not only this, this online card galleria is having a huge assortment of cards that you never feel to visit any other store for more collections.

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Let’s have a tour and see how these three steps will help us in getting our dream wedding card.

  • Samples and cards selection: The first and foremost step is to visit where you can select your wedding cards. Here you will find huge assortments of the invitation on the basis of the religions, price range, color, etc. So, I would suggest you to first select your religion so that you will get appropriate cards for your wedding as per your religion and then you can refine your search by adding price range parameter to it and then at last if you have any specific color requirement you can also add that parameter. If you have confusion in taking decision for the one card, have given you an option of selecting 5 samples in 4$ + free shipping. So, that you can feel the card and take proper decision. The best part of ordering the sample is that you will get this amount adjusted in the later bulk order.
  • Content and proofing: By the time you get the samples at your doorstep, you can share your content part with the card code, you want to opt. Ones you submit your wedding content  with the team of the, you will start receiving the proofs for the same. These proofs are the copy of the wedding card with the content pasted on it so that it will give you clear picture of how your card is going to look like. You can ask the team to do changes required in the content, font, color of the ink, die casted symbols etc. and get done everything ready. This particular step is very crucial one as a single mistake will make a blunder to the wedding card. Ones, you are satisfied with you wedding card and its content you can give the green signal for the printing.
  • Payment and shipping: Only after you give the green signal, share the costing of the card and ask you for the payment. This is what I like most about the website and its team that they do everything to satisfy their customer and ones you are satisfied, they ask you for the payment. This show how responsible and trustworthy the team is. And finally you will get your cards at your doorstep

My experience with, is amazing and trust me it is too easy to go.You can also visit how to order page for more reference.

North Indian Wedding cards by Indian Cards

India is the country which is known for its vast culture and rituals. I don’t think there is any religion that you will not found in India. You just name the culture, you will find here. I am amazed to see that in India itself, there are more than 1600 languages spoken.

So in the country with such a vast culture and rituals, you will find different nuptial in every single wedding. And if we talk about the wedding invitations or marriage cards, how can you distinguish it with the culture. Today, I have come up with the North Indian style wedding cards for your wedding.

north Indian wedding cards

Red embossed invitations: Red and brown combination of this cards makes it one of the elegant cards fitting everyone style. The red color flap with the golden color damask pattern make is unique in itself. This is not it, the golden color design on the main card as the boundary of the flap is enhancing its beauty. Though the envelope is decent but goes best with the invitations.

Dancing Radha Krishna invites: For north Indian wedding, this Radha Krishna card is perfect match for your wedding. They are known for their love for each other and wedding itself is the symbol of love and dignity. So according to me this wedding invitation will not only show the bond of your love but also make other realize the same.

Rose and lord Ganesha:  This wedding invite is glorious. The color combination and the unique printing style make me fond of this invite. The rustic look, with flowers and lord Ganesh makes it wholesome and gratifying. Even the inserts in a photo frame printing with same rustic look are divine. What all you need from a wedding card?

Red Lotus: Laser cut lotus with the fabric touch, is the center of attraction of the wedding card. And the damask print of the same is making it distinguish. Along with this the golden border is completing the story of the card. This card is perfect for your royal themed wedding.

Color palette: This is actually color palette, which is having various design in itself like block printing and each block is telling the different story. Some blocks have traditional pattern, some have the damask pattern and the center one is having the symbol of lord Ganesh. And in contrast of the main card, envelop is totally different. This one is perfect for your informal wedding style.

These cards are perfect for your exclusive north Indian wedding style. Each card has its own story. What story is your invitation card is telling to your guests. Do share with us.

Innovative DIY Save the Date Cards

Save the date cards are one, which your near and dear ones receive about 2-3 months before your wedding, so for me it should be prolific or creative so that your guest will remain it for a long time. And that’s the reason I have come up with these save the date cards. These save the date cards are innovative and DIY also. So let’s start with the ingenious ideas for your celebrations.

1.Balloon Save the date: For save the date you can have Balloon invitations and your guest will get all information about save the date after inflating it. This idea is DIY and you can easily do it, sitting at your home or you can get it printed also.

balloon wedding invitation

2.Helium Balloon invitation: For guests staying local you can use this type of save the date as helium filled balloon life is small. You can put helium filled balloon into a box. When your guest opens the box, balloon will just start moving up in the air and the paper tie to it will give invitation information.

Helium balloon save the date card

3. 3D Save the Date card: This is going to be fun for your guests when they receive such 3D cards. These cards will only reveal the save the date secret when seen through red light.

3d save the date cards

4.Scratch off save the date cards: What if, your save the card is like a scratch card. It will remind you about your childhood, when you love to collect scratch cards tattoo or gift.

scratch off save the date card

So this is all about my ideas on save the date cards. Even you can use these with your theme based wedding invitations. What all other ideas you can suggest?

RSVP Cards Etiquette

In wedding party organization, what is really important is to know the actual head counts before party. As this will help you a lot in various ways, like you can give your caterer the exact number of people who are going to attend the party, you can make proper sitting arrangement for the guest and many more. So it is always advisable to have a proper head counts in hand and for this making a phone call and asking them about the number of people who are going to attend the party is seems to be really offensive and insulting one. That’s the reason why RSVP cards come into existence. This way of inquiry about the number of guest, is still improper but is far better way of doing it.

 Wedding RSVP card

There are various format of presenting the RSVP cards. Bu traditional way of doing the RSVP cards, the most common one is sending the RSVP card with envelope and the envelope must be pre-address and must have the postage stamp on it.

Post card RSVP cards

If this way of sending RSVP card is not as per your budget allows you, then you can opt for the post card style RSVP cards. This will reduce your extra cost of the envelopes. Don’t ever under estimate yourself with this issue as I have seen lots more response card in postcard format than in reply card + envelope for the wedding invitations. This way of sending RSVP cards is really an eco-friendly one. Post card style response card is slightly in-formal as comparison to the reply card + envelopes but this one is totally fine with even formal black tie event.  Still if you want to do something with your RSVP card to change its look, you can keep it custom with the matching postage stamp. This will really make a visual impact on your card thus create a big difference.

If we have to talk about the modern way of sending RSVP, then the best one is sending it online through mail and allowing your guest to reply online on your wedding website. This will help you to provide your guest with additional information about your wedding. This is the most effective way of sending response card to the guest in term of cost and will definitely an eco-friendly one. As you neither required a RSVP card nor the envelope. With the online information, it really becomes convenient for you to gather the information about the head count for the wedding event.

There are some basic things which I must think that you should do while planning the RSVP cards. Firstly always try to send your wedding invitation at least 3-4 weeks prior the wedding so that it gives your guest enough time to reply. And along with this, always keep a space for stragglers. Secondly before mentioning any date in the RSVP cards, do consult with your caterer, to see when he require the actual head counts and thus accordingly set your response date. Finally if you don’t receive Reply cards from some of your guest, make them a call and ask them to reply back on phone or through mail, so that you will have exact head counts.

This is all about the RSVP cards from my side, please suggest more etiquette on this if left unturned from my side.

Let Peacock dance in this rainy season weddings

Peacock is the bird with vibrant colors. It looks great in rainy season flaring out its feather, showing those beautiful colors. So let’s make your wedding with the peacock theme wedding invitations. Some beautiful peacock wedding cards are here to make your wedding more colorful and vibrant.

 Peacock theme wedding invitations

  • White and Blue Peacock Invitation: Beautiful creation of invitation with white envelope and blue card. Envelope is decant and sober and at the same time, chromatic card with n number of colors. On card, can see peacock with open feathers filled with vibrant colors and the golden color in the feather enriching its beauty.
  • Blue color with actual peacock feather: Card in blue color with self-design of parsley in a shade of blue giving it nice combination. Actual feather at the center make it look more exquisite. And feather with a flute represent god Krishna. This is the one what we call unmatched. Combination of blue color with green and blue feather makes it simply great.
  • Pink n blue invitation blue flap with a feather design in curved shaped give it a contemporary look and elegant envelope with just a feather design. This is the one suiting to everyone’s choice as card in having colors for everyone irrespective of age.
  • Blue invitation with Ganesh in feather trunk: Blue color invitation card for those who want traditional wedding invitations. Feather trunk of Ganesh makes it look unique. Parsley design in combination of blue and golden color and along with that image of Ganesh in golden color giving it a balance.

Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards

As shortly as Hindu wedding cards enter the homes of the invitees, there’s joyousness and everyone is once it and peeps to ascertain what the schedule is. Meanwhile, with the wedding announcement by the Hindu wedding cards, the females of the guest’s family begin thinking what to wear and what all the bride are going to be sporting at the occasion. The kid’s reception begins dreaming regarding the fun they’re going to have at the weddings of their close to and pricey one.

This article is written to suggest some ever green ideas for the Indian wedding invitations. So read it carefully and then apply it on the paper. By mentioning these points you can increase the quality and elegance of wedding cards.

  • Role Of Bride During Wedding Preparation: Meanwhile, the bride prepares and selects each bridal accent rigorously. The footwear a Bride wears is incredibly vital as they need a lot of to try and do in transfer out her temperament. One’s walk is incredibly vital and is a few things that can’t be hidden; footwear’s have a very important role in forming the walk.
  • Definition Of Perfect Indian Wedding Cards:  Weddings are one in all few aspects of contemporary life within which tradition still rules supreme. From the marriage band to the marriage night, previous traditions are typically followed whether or not the bride and groom consider, or maybe notice, their original meanings and intents. Real Indian wedding cards consist all the things that are necessary to each and every person.

Indian Cards

  • Enhance The Glory Of Invitation:  After having set upon the roll form of invitation, the important issue is to envision the material quality which will be taken in use for creating marriage invitations. The colors of the cards may be chosen steady with one’s feeling. The thread which will be wont to hold up the cardboard ought to be unexpected and change the conjecture of the cardboard. Decorations may be recommended with bead and laces on the cards. This will improve the glory of card.
  • Preference for a Best Wedding Favor: Most excellent marriage favors aren’t continuously modified ones, as couples may buy one in an exceptionally bridal look or on-line. You’d be disclosure however some are often extremely cheap. Place in mind though that wedding favors are a token of thanks for the guests who attended the marriage. Therefore, the couple should take into account their guests in selecting a wedding favor.

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Indian Wedding Invitations Online

During purchasing a wedding invitation card we have so many questions in our minds. Did you recognize why wedding cards already receiving the love of the people from all round the world? Why most couples who are near to hook up with would currently wish to receive a marriage card on their special day? Does one know why in precisely some years, wedding cards are currently thought of as a social norm? And at last, does one understand why it’s simply rude to travel to a marriage while not a marriage card?

That’s why, in this article we are trying to give answer of such kind of questions that usually raises during selection of wedding invitation.

Significance of Wedding Invitations:  Although there are several varieties of cards however nothing is better than invite cards. As a matter of reality, they’re such distinguishing and adaptable printing things that may fulfill your textile desires in an exceedingly short time. All you have got to try and do is to require care of their style and print so you will be able to get the simplest quality products mode. On-line invite Card Company is providing low cost invite card printing services to its resonating customers worldwide in an exceedingly versatile manner.

Heart touching gift ideas: The gift may be a gift to somebody we have a tendency to care concerning, some way of showing our heart for this could perpetually be thought in step with the tastes of others, quite our personal. to precise however necessary it’s for United States, it’s nice to additionally write some lines of hope: no ought to be poets or writers, simply write what you are feeling, mistreatment straightforward words however sincere.

Matter inside the invitation card: The message within the wedding card is written with the couple in mind. Every of the story and words of knowledge during a wedding card are written particularly for the couple itself. This can be why it’s simply best if they’d ask for some recommendation within the wedding cards, instead of shopping for a help book for themselves.

Reflection of a wedding invitation on your personal life:  Generally it assumed that wedding invitation that you select will reflect your behavior and flavor. So it will be a key factor to pick a correct one from the large collection.

Inventive and Innovative Photo Wedding Cards:  There are various categories but new born or fashionable youth always like photo wedding invitation.  These Photo wedding cards have many features and will provide a shine to your significant marriage ceremony.

Thus, online invitation cards companies like, and gives so many special offers time to time on shipment and delivery to their customers. So that you can save some dollars and can invest this money in other useful task. So if you feel good quality product there then easily you can place order online according to your requirement.

Wedding Invitations Online

Wedding Invites are considered as  one of the most unique way by which newlywed couple can share their emotions to their relatives and will show how attached they are and their presence in marriage are also more necessary for them. In another way relatives may also express their attachment to couple by wishing them through well assigned cards in corporation with wonderful wording and presenting a singular gift as well. Though, Cards are the most excellent source to articulate our feelings and emotions. This is fact that each and every person have feelings to their dear one but it depends that how he or she express their feelings.

Wedding Card Invitation

Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding invitations are not only the stationary but you require making out a well organized marriage day. Despite of invitations other accessories you might need like Hindu wedding invitations, scroll wedding cards and RSVP cards etc. After completion of marriage Thank You card shall be sent to your guest and relatives. Adding such type of accessories will definitely save your money as well as enhance the glory of marriage. Classifying wedding cards on-line is obtaining highly regarded currently as individuals are busier and that they need the most effective. This can be an excellent thanks to take advantage time so you’ll be able to pay longer in alternative planning that require your personal attention. Our cards have a varied alternative and are extremely stylish in their presentation. Our gallery is usually updated with new trends. Latest collections are point toward within the specification and you simply click to determine the scale and color. We have a tendency to assure you that each one the suggestions are enclosed in our printing standards. Always be careful that you wedding invitation are going to present first and last notion on this auspicious wedding day. You can browse some best online wedding vendor who makes your task easy. If anyone wants to marry in hurried fashion then it is proficient way to buy them. Just go through the various wedding sites and search marriage invites according to your color and theme.  There are a lot of invitation cards available in many designs and style.