Printing Options For Wedding Invitations

It’s easy to do designing and content part of the wedding invitations but when it comes about printing technique, all we know is zero. You can select the design and content of your choice but what about the printing part. If you have idea about printing, it may become easy for you. But for those who don’t know anything about printing and the end effect of the printing on the paper, it is really very important to know what options are available for the printing.

Here we are going to discuss few printing options which you can suggest your printer, while printing your wedding invitations.

  • Engraving is the process of raising the fonts on the paper, indented on the paper from back side. Text is etched on the copper plate from negative and paper is pressed between the weights and the copper sheet. This sandwich technique creates letter engraved on the sheet. This is classic way of engraving. Turnaround time for this technique is 4 weeks to 5 weeks, as block is prepared for the text to be printed on the paper. This technique is costly as compared to any other technique but becomes cost effective when you have to print the paper in bulk.
  • Thermography Technique is similar to the engraving one, only with respect to the looks, as the technique used is totally different. For printing, ink is fused with the raisin powder by heating and then is used for process. Raisin powder makes the printing looked engraved. But this is limited to few color options only. This technique takes only few days in the printing process. This printing technique becomes one of the popular methods today.
  • Foil stamping is the process of using foil for the printing process. In this Technique copper plate is pressed against the foil and it adhere the text on the paper. This technique is similar to the letterpress but at the same time provides you with the wide range of text style and motif choices. Turnaround time for the foil stamping is high and it will take 10 days if the printer is doing it in-house or otherwise it will take 4 weeks for printing. It is costly also.


  • Letterpress technique is one of oldest technique used for printing. If we talk about the printing process each letter is printed separately on the sheet like a typewriter. But we have limited options for the color of the ink to be used and the paper. For this technique, we need thick paper of light color mainly white and dark color ink for the printing process. Fonts type is limited with this technique therefore customization of the printing here is also very limited. It take time vary from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. And this technique is expensive also.
  • Offset printing is one of the most familiar printing techniques. Technique used for this is very simple as ink is transferred from the plate to the paper via rubber stamp. In this type of technique you will get number of options for color and the printing is flat on the paper like a digital printing. Design and fonts are more vibrant in this process. Turnaround time in this printing technique is between two to seven days.
  • Embossing process is similar to the engraving one but slightly on larger scale. Metal sheet is engraved but it is colorless. Mainly used for monogram, for borders, for printing address on the flap of envelops, and for the motifs.This technique gives your invitation a contemporary look. As this technique is similar to the engraved and letterpress printing, it takes same amount of the time in printing.

A monsoon wedding

Monsoon on your wedding day is something which is like a nightmare. Most of you think a monsoon on a wedding will end up with blunders as creates lots of trouble in your management until and unless you have option B. And if we talk about believe related to marriage it is considered to be a good omen. Do you belief so? If not let me lighten up some of the trivia. These trivia will explain you about a monsoon wedding and the omen related to it.

How can you imagine a monsoon wedding a good omen?  As it, will creates panic among the crowd. Read below to have the list of reason why they claim it good or bad omen.

monsoon wedding

These omens are good or bad depending on the culture you are in. Most of them consider it a good omen as it is a symbol of happiness, cleaning, fertility, unity, renewals and tears.

Happiness: Whenever there is monsoon, we feel happy and that’s the reason why most of them consider it as symbol of happiness in the married life.

Tears: As rain washed away tears from your face. It indicates that it will wash all the tears from the married couple life.

Unity: Whenever you tie a knot in wet cloth, it becomes difficult to open that knot, same way you’re married life bond will be stronger and longer. Both the couples get unit forever.

Renewals: Rain washed away dirt and clean up everything like a new one similarly, it will remove all the dirt present in the memories and left you with everything new.

Fertility: As after rain soil turns fertile, similarly it symbolizes that couple should have children in future.

It’s not enough as there is some bad omen related too. Like some consider rain represents tears and the bride have to cry throughout her married life.

According to me all these are just superstitions which have no relevance to our life. It’s all up to you whether you believe it or not or you consider it as bad or good. It is something which is not controlled by you or anyone else as all these are natural.

Let Peacock dance in this rainy season weddings

Peacock is the bird with vibrant colors. It looks great in rainy season flaring out its feather, showing those beautiful colors. So let’s make your wedding with the peacock theme wedding invitations. Some beautiful peacock wedding cards are here to make your wedding more colorful and vibrant.

 Peacock theme wedding invitations

  • White and Blue Peacock Invitation: Beautiful creation of invitation with white envelope and blue card. Envelope is decant and sober and at the same time, chromatic card with n number of colors. On card, can see peacock with open feathers filled with vibrant colors and the golden color in the feather enriching its beauty.
  • Blue color with actual peacock feather: Card in blue color with self-design of parsley in a shade of blue giving it nice combination. Actual feather at the center make it look more exquisite. And feather with a flute represent god Krishna. This is the one what we call unmatched. Combination of blue color with green and blue feather makes it simply great.
  • Pink n blue invitation blue flap with a feather design in curved shaped give it a contemporary look and elegant envelope with just a feather design. This is the one suiting to everyone’s choice as card in having colors for everyone irrespective of age.
  • Blue invitation with Ganesh in feather trunk: Blue color invitation card for those who want traditional wedding invitations. Feather trunk of Ganesh makes it look unique. Parsley design in combination of blue and golden color and along with that image of Ganesh in golden color giving it a balance.

Wedding card should be as unique as you

Wedding card should be unique as it is not only announces your wedding but it also announces the starting of the life of two souls as one. Beautiful and unique wedding invitation is the dream of every couple as well as Indian Wedding Invitations for every Indian. Unique doesn’t mean costly but it just means how different the wedding card is.

There is n number of ways to make your card unique or indifferent. Unique can be costlier, can be ethnic, can be contemporary, can be customized, can be designed by designer, etc. But according to me your wedding card should be unique only when it is like you because there is no one as unique as you are. Each card is unique in itself only difference lies in your choice.

Uniqueness can be in a card of 10bucks rather than of 100bucks but difference lies when is it expressing your emotions in well suited manner. . Never try to define your uniqueness in terms of money. Sometimes without spending much on your invitations, your card looks simple and unique and sometimes after spending a lot, your cards might not look unique rather it would look gaudy. Let’s discuss how you can make your card unique.

Wedding Invitation Wordings

Money spent on invitation cards is proportional to your pocket capacity. If you are planning for decent wedding, you opt for cards ranging between $0.75 and $1.5/invitation. If your pocket allows you for fancy or designer cards, you can raise your budget something between $3.5 and $5/invitation. But along with this you need to work on the content of the wedding invitation cards. As uniqueness of the card depend on two factors firstly the looks of your card and secondly the content/matter of the card.

Wedding Invitation Cards

If card is elementary and decant in looks and design. Start working on the content or the mater to be printed on the card. Before starting with the content part, be clear whether you are more traditionalist and want to do things in formal ways or you are modernist and go for informal wedding invitations or you can create something in-between.

Add- on is something which compliments your wedding invitation with singularity. For this always keep in mind your theme and try to add some features in your wedding invitation cards enhancing the same. Like if you are following some color theme, try to pursue the same similarly if theme is based on some object, try to embed that in your card or if it is based on some flower, ask your printer or invitation dealer to add fragrance of the same in your wedding cards.

Now the ball is in your court, so it’s up-to you how you make your celebration an exclusive one as you are by making an exclusive invitation for the relatives and guests.

How to make theme wedding a success

Everyone these days is talking about theme wedding. All what is required for theme wedding is to break the traditional rules.  Wedding is special and important day for both the bride and the groom and that’s the reason why people want it to be memorable and admirable one for all their guests. Theme in simple words is doing your wedding in a different way.

Sometimes theme idea is not very common to attract people but it’s all up to you, how you execute it. Both Idea and its proper execution is what make a difference. There is list of to do’s for your theme execution which is required to be arranged. List of some important to do’s are mentioned below:

  • Wedding card As we all know wedding cards is the first thing which reaches to our guest and it is the one by which they start imagine how the wedding is going to be.  So while selecting your wedding cards you need to be very careful and should always keep in mind what your theme is all about. And at the same time affordability should also be keep in mind. Along with the wedding cards, you should also decide add on cards like Program cards, table cards, RSVP cards, Thank you cards, etc. in matching theme of your wedding cards. These small things are really very important to make a theme wedding a success. There are various websites which help you out in doing so.


Wedding Invitation Cards



  • Costumes or the outfits Outfit is something which is really important for the bride and the groom. For this there are various options available in the market. And if you really want your dream wedding turn true, don’t restrict your theme to the bride and the groom but also for the family members. If possible mention your theme in the card itself so that it becomes easier for your guest to select their outfits as according to your theme.
  • Location / decorations both location and decoration plays an important role. This is something which you need to discuss with your wedding planner in advance. Sometimes this has been seen that theme is good but the location is not appropriate as per the theme. So never let this happen. Decoration goes hand in hand with location. So it is really very important to go in minute details like table decoration, lobby decoration, food presentation, etc. For this you have to narrow down your wedding look and find genius décor idea with your wedding planner.


The most important thing while planning your theme wedding is pocket full of idea. There are n number themes you can work on for your big day. You can also take help of the available websites and then discuss with your wedding planner with the availability of the things required for the theme.