DIY Seating Charts

Preparing a seating chart for your guests is really a brain storming task. And if you need to do it yourself, it is really going to be tough one. As if you are responsible, you want it to be unique and at the same time it should be elegant. For those who believe in doing things by themselves, I have a list options for you.

Once you decide your cup of tea in respect to seating chart design, it become easier for you to decide the comfort-ability of your guests. And giving it a personal touch is really a nice idea.  These options will help you in deciding and preparing your wedding seating chart. Always try to follow your wedding theme with seating chart but if there is no theme for your wedding, you can have number of options with you. Few of DIY seating charts are here.

DIY Photo Seating Charts

Personalized photos of your guest, in a small size photo frames tied with a ribbon on the board and that too encircled with a table card is an aristocratic one. This kind of chart is not only convenient for the guest to find out their way but this make them feel glad.

Seating Charts

Decent and splendid way of representing seating charts is with the ribbons. This one is perfect with any color theme as you can paint the circles with your theme and even can put the matching ribbons. These types of charts are favorable for both formal and informal parties.

heart shape seating chart

This one is perfect for the heart theme wedding. For those who love simplicity, this one is perfect suiting your style to direct your guests to their tables.

DIY seating chart

If you love Legends, this one is classical way of representing the seating arrangement. What I like most about this is the assortment for the guests by work place, dad’s friends, bride side, groom side, mom side and so on. According to these classifications, it becomes easier in arranging your seating chart.

DIY is what your style statement says. It’s always preferable to personalized guests sitting arrangement. Do share your sitting charts with us.

Just Us Wedding

Just Us Wedding!!!!! Yes, couples these days want just two of them on their wedding day. No guest wedding is in the trend, as couples believe that wedding is solely a private affair and it’s all about both of them. But how can you celebrate your best pals without your near and dear ones.

People have different opinion about this ‘no guest wedding’, few couples are so shy that they just don’t want spotlight on them. Few of them want to do their wedding abroad with all the lavish things they admire and for that, their budget allows only two of them.  Some thinks that, most of the bride and groom seems to be busy in entertaining their guest whole day that they themselves not able to enjoy. And there are few also, who just don’t want to take trouble in arranging all the wedding stuff.

just us wedding

I don’t know what people think about this ‘no guest wedding ‘, but if someone ask me about “Just Us” wedding, I may agree to this. Every person has its own perception about the kind of wedding they want, but I am in favor of this wedding due to many reasons.

Main reason, why I am inclined towards this sort of wedding is nowadays people are spending so much on their wedding that most of the couple ended up with busted budget. In this tough economy it’s really difficult to meet the high expenses of the wedding. As per the bride magazine, a wedding cost is around 28,000$ and at last all this is waste what you get out of it is nothing. So it’s better to spend 5000-10000$ and get life time experience on your wedding by just having two of you.  At the last, by doing so, you will have some fine experience to share for you wedding. And not only this, you will be doing, all what you wanted to do on your wedding.

There are few couples who want to do wedding at their favorite destinations and those destinations are so costly that you can’t afford guest, so it better to ditch your guests as, marriage is all about two of you.

Not only this, if you compare what all havoc we do in our wedding, your ethics will say no to you. How can you be so mean that you will do so much of wastage alone in your wedding?

Every coin has two sides, so before taking any step it’s better to unturned the other side. Similarly for ‘no guest wedding’, there are few drawbacks which you should know. Firstly by doing such wedding you will not enlighten to get blessing and best wishes from your near and dear ones.  Even there are many who just love to celebrate with their near and dear ones and this kind of wedding will end up in elope.  And even there are masses who are not ready till now to except such wedding.

All what is important is the acceptance of the couple and their family on this. Please suggest what you think about it.

Wedding on Elephant Theme

Wow! Elephant themed wedding sounds crazy isn’t it? But, trusts me people are doing it. Recently I got an opportunity to attend one wedding and the theme of the wedding was Elephant. Earlier I was not in mood to attend the wedding but when I got to know that the wedding is on elephant theme, I was in high spirit to attend the wedding.

Believe me once you get to know all about the wedding, you will get fascinated about this wedding. For me it was life time experience. And I am really very excited to tell you guys about this. Let me start it with the wedding invitations

Elephant themed wedding

Wedding invitation:  wedding invitations were really very elegant with the elephants on it. The elephants on the invitation card were so chromatic with the stones work on it and both the elephant were mingling with the help of their trunk which was looking romantic. Even what I like most was about the save the date cards, in that there was an elephant who was taking a flag with the help of its trunk and on that flag ‘save the date’ was written. Not only this, even RSVP was also very nice with an elephant.  I have no idea how much the invitation cards cost to them, but I can suggest you to go for such theme with cheap wedding invitations. As, by doing this you can plan your theme wedding with low budget also.

Groom and guests entry:  I must say this wedding was on Thai touch, where elephant is used to transport the groom to his beloved bride. And not only this, even guest were also taken to the ceremony site through elephant only. It was a nice experience of elephant ride that too on the elephant who was decorated for the wedding purpose. Even at the entrance gate bride’s family member put brooch with elephant on it, on the coat to greet them.

Decoration: Reception location was festooned in totally different way. They have created small elephant fully loaded with flowers. On the dining tables they have put metallic elephants as the place card holder and even on the napkins they put small wooden elephant as the good luck symbol. Elephant cake topper beautifying the cake.

Favors: The favors presented by the bride and groom were actually the candlewick but candlewick was in the shape of elephant and this was something which gave their wedding a finishing touch.

There were many other things which they opted in the wedding rituals to give their theme a perfect touch like exchanging vows on top of the elephant and after all the rituals couple walk under the elephant as in Thai culture, it is consider as a good luck for the new couple. This wedding was astounding for me.

Hope you like the wedding theme, Do share your views on it.

RSVP Cards Etiquette

In wedding party organization, what is really important is to know the actual head counts before party. As this will help you a lot in various ways, like you can give your caterer the exact number of people who are going to attend the party, you can make proper sitting arrangement for the guest and many more. So it is always advisable to have a proper head counts in hand and for this making a phone call and asking them about the number of people who are going to attend the party is seems to be really offensive and insulting one. That’s the reason why RSVP cards come into existence. This way of inquiry about the number of guest, is still improper but is far better way of doing it.

 Wedding RSVP card

There are various format of presenting the RSVP cards. Bu traditional way of doing the RSVP cards, the most common one is sending the RSVP card with envelope and the envelope must be pre-address and must have the postage stamp on it.

Post card RSVP cards

If this way of sending RSVP card is not as per your budget allows you, then you can opt for the post card style RSVP cards. This will reduce your extra cost of the envelopes. Don’t ever under estimate yourself with this issue as I have seen lots more response card in postcard format than in reply card + envelope for the wedding invitations. This way of sending RSVP cards is really an eco-friendly one. Post card style response card is slightly in-formal as comparison to the reply card + envelopes but this one is totally fine with even formal black tie event.  Still if you want to do something with your RSVP card to change its look, you can keep it custom with the matching postage stamp. This will really make a visual impact on your card thus create a big difference.

If we have to talk about the modern way of sending RSVP, then the best one is sending it online through mail and allowing your guest to reply online on your wedding website. This will help you to provide your guest with additional information about your wedding. This is the most effective way of sending response card to the guest in term of cost and will definitely an eco-friendly one. As you neither required a RSVP card nor the envelope. With the online information, it really becomes convenient for you to gather the information about the head count for the wedding event.

There are some basic things which I must think that you should do while planning the RSVP cards. Firstly always try to send your wedding invitation at least 3-4 weeks prior the wedding so that it gives your guest enough time to reply. And along with this, always keep a space for stragglers. Secondly before mentioning any date in the RSVP cards, do consult with your caterer, to see when he require the actual head counts and thus accordingly set your response date. Finally if you don’t receive Reply cards from some of your guest, make them a call and ask them to reply back on phone or through mail, so that you will have exact head counts.

This is all about the RSVP cards from my side, please suggest more etiquette on this if left unturned from my side.

Wedding Reception with the Fun Games

In most of the Reception parties, I noticed that the bride and groom are busy primping; posing the photos etc. and the guest gets bore. Or I must say that in every party there is some down time for the guest, so it is always advisable to have some sort of fun games for your guests. But at the time of deciding any fun game, you have to keep in mind the age group you are going to entertain. In the wedding parties you will find the older crowd, the younger crowd, and those who don’t dance.

So today, I have come up with some kind of ice breakers for your wedding reception. These ice breakers will make your guest consumed during the party and will definitely be a fun time for them. Let me open my bag in front of you with all sort of ideas I have.

wedding game shoe game

Shoe Game: This one is the most common wedding game, which is enjoyable for your entire guest. In this game, bride and groom are supposed to sit back to back in view of all the guests. Couples remove their shoes and trade one with each other, so that both have one of others and the one of his/her own. And then the MJ is going to ask them a series of questions, (like who said love you first? Who is going to do most of the cooking? etc. ). And for the answer of these questions, couples hold up the shoe of the person whom they think is the best possible answer.  This game is going to be a real fun not only for the couple but also for the guests.

Wedding Game mad lib

Mad lib: For this you can place a mad lib on each of the chair and ask the guest to fill it by the time reception starts. This will consume the time of your guest and will enjoy answering those funny questions.

Wedding photo Booth

Photo booth: This is the one which suits to every age group, where they can go and get themselves clicked. But you can make it fun for them by putting the chalk board with the chalk and the guest can write the quote of their own and get themselves click, or you can put some props which your guest can use to get themselves clicked in some funny memorable clicks.

wedding games penata

Piñata: This one is all time favorite of kids. But it can be great fun in your wedding for guests, whether it is kids or the adult. Every one enjoys playing Piñata and love to gather the favors getting out from it.

confetti bar

Confetti bar station: For your guest you can arrange some kind of confetti bar station where you can put different kind of paper pieces and let your guest collect the one of their choice for showering the same on the wedding couple.

Silhouette banner: If possible you can arrange silhouette artist at your reception. This will make your guest have fun in getting done their silhouette Photo.

Flip up tournament: This one is going to be a great fun for the guest by challenging each other for the tournament and here you can make the arrangement for some kind of favors for the winners. For this what you need is the just a table and the glasses full of drinks and can ask your guest to challenge each other for drinking more glasses.

There are many other games also which you can incorporate in your wedding receptions like some kind of board games, Jenga, Musical Chair, and Ring toss etc. incorporating the games is a nice idea but you should always try to maintain balance between the game and other party rituals. As I have seen some times it happens, that the games either overshadow your party or vice-verse. Other than this, you can ask your guest to mention their wish list for the songs through RSVP cards, this will also help your guest to dance on their tune.

Please suggest what you think about the playing games at the reception.

How about Camo Wedding theme?

Why to opt those boring colors as your theme? Camouflage is the theme, which leads you to get rid of those boring color themes. Not only this, Camouflage is best for the couples who love outdoors. What I like most about the camo theme is variety of options available with this theme. You can have tree bark, branches, grass, animal patterns and many more. So while opting this as a theme you need not to restrict yourself with limited options.

Now the question arises is how to incorporate this as theme in your wedding. Do we need to consider those tree bark or grasses as a part of our theme or does it mean something else? I have answer to all your queries. Camo is purely what we call nature, so when we say nature you can have everything which belongs to it. Let’s have an overview of how camo can be your wedding theme.

camouflage theme wedding

Wedding cake: If we talk about wedding Cake, I would suggest you to search it on Google or Pinterst for camo wedding cake. There you will find lots of options for your cake. I would suggest you to keep it simple with three tiers. And if you really work on this theme, try to get some cake topper matching your theme. This will make your cake a real camo themed cake.

camouflage theme wedding

Costume: You must be thinking of some camo printing for your wedding costume, but I would suggest you some simple and decent idea. Groom can go for the camo print tie and the bride can have belt or some sort of lace on her wedding gown with a camo print on it. By doing so she will be able to follow the tradition of wearing white and at the same time she can dress herself with the theme.

camouflage theme wedding

Footwear: You can simply use green color footwear or if you really very enthusiasm about it can go for camouflage print footwear. This will not only add value to your theme but also enhance the grace of your attire.

camouflage theme wedding

Cutlery: if I have to talk about the cutlery in wedding theme, you can have all you dishes with the camouflage printed on it. Such cutlery you can get it in the glass or in plastic easily. Even on the dining table you can knife and fork with similar print at the handle part. Even for serving purpose can use the container with camouflage print.

Napkins: Getting Napkins incorporated with this theme is easy and splendid one as you can get it printed anywhere and in any design. Even you can use green color table Lenin cloth with napkin.

This is all about the camo wedding theme from my side. Waiting for your suggestions on this .

Peacock Theme Wedding II

In our last article, I have given you a glance about the peacock theme party, I attended. So now let’s discuss more about it. Till now you got basic idea about the wedding party and you must be feeling enthuse about the party as I was feeling, at the time of attending it. So let me start with the bride first.

peacock theme

Bride attire: Where to start with, don’t know? Let’s start from the top i.e. her hair style. But before that I just want to tell you that she was looking so pretty that I just got mesmerized by her. She had a beautiful French puff with a peacock feather hair accessory; it was giving her a elegant look. Her earring was so fascinating that I have no words to explain.  What not she has done with her attire to give it a peacock theme look, her wedding gown , bracelet, nail paint, bouquet and foot wear everything was giving it a look of peacock theme in one or the other way. She was wearing white gown but the belt she wore was going perfect with the theme in peacock blue color and a peacock feather brooch on it.

Groom attire: He was also in the theme by having a peacock feather brooch on his suit and the tie with the similar print. Not only this, he was wearing the hat on which peacock feather was attached.

peacock theme

Wedding cake: Now it time for the cake, as off course cake was having a classy peacock design on it. And the desert counter was full of cupcakes as per the theme only, some cupcakes were having a peacock feather design, while others have peacock design, and some others were giving just the pinch of peacock colors on it. What I like most about the wedding decor was the desert counter where they have placed the cup cake with peacock decoration and they were looking so remarkable that I was not able to eat them.

Confetti: they have make small cones in which peacock feathers were placed and when at the time of showering it to the couple, it was looking great.

What not they have done to make their wedding theme a success. I must say good work on the theme. There are so many other things also which if I start describing will never come to an end. This was my experience with the peacock theme party. Do share yours.

Peacock Theme Wedding

Peacock feathers are so admirable that you can’t resist yourself watching them dancing. And if you get an opportunity to attend a wedding with peacock theme, I would suggest you not to miss it. Trust me; I have an astounding experience to share with you, for the similar kind of wedding.

The wedding was so colorful that my eyes left opened. Firstly the peacock color is so attractive, energetic, shimmering, and bold that you will find your guest using classy, contemporary, elegant, gorgeous, etc., to describe your wedding and its decor. With this theme, if I asked you to set limit, you will say sky is my limit. Let me tell you my know how with this wedding theme.

peacock theme wedding

Wedding location: That wedding was taken place in the backyard where they have so many peacocks that it was enhancing the theme with the natural element. All of you know that considering a theme is not important but its incorporation is foremost and if it is about the natural element in it, I must say that they can’t have a better option.

Wedding Decor  It’s really very difficult for me to explain everything about their decoration as they have taken care of each and every possible thing so nicely. But let me try. Starting with the entrance, at the entrance door they created a magnificent arch in peacock blue and green color with small bouquet, for which I have no words to explain. Not only this at the entrance,   bride’s family members were standing to greet the groom’s family member. And they were presenting them a peacock brooch bouquet. Whole pathway to backyard was covered with velvet cloths and over that they have shower the peacock feather. When we reach to the main area where all nuptials have to be done, there you will find Peacock blue and green color everywhere with small peacocks decorative? If I have to tell you about the dining area, each of the dining tables was covered with the peacock blue color of cloth with the beautiful center piece on it. If I have to talk about the chairs they have placed marvelous cushion with peacock weather on it. Now I think I should stop writing, you should have a look to images and can get better understand.

Wedding invitations: Oh! How can I forget to tell you about their wedding invitation? I must say that their invitation was mesmerizing for me. It was looking so gorgeous with the peacock feather on it. Not only this, their escort cards, table cards and Thanks cards were all looking similar mesmerizing. What I like most about wedding card was its peacock blue color with satin cloth, which was giving it a royal look.

Favors: For favors they have prepared small boxes of satin in white colors and there was a velvet ribbon of peacock blue color on the side wall of the box and on the top of the box there was a pretty peacock feather was placed. From grooms side there was a tie with the peacock feather printed on it. It was looking elegant. And bride gifted her bridesmaid with a clutch in peacock blue color and a peacock feather.

I have discussed with you just about the invitations, decor and the favor. But there was lots more than this, the main attraction of the wedding that is the bride and the groom and the description about them is yet not started. Which I will discuss in the next section of the article, will come up with that very soon. So, keep waiting.

This is just the beginning of the article, on the peacock theme. Please suggest what you are going to do in your wedding party with peacock theme.

Favors that your Guest remember Forever

You do every possible thing to make your wedding a success and make this special day more special for you and your guests. In this hustle bustle of wedding preparations, don’t forget about your guests. I consider favors as something which reminds your guest about your wedding, every time they see it. Now question arises what kind of favors you can present your guests. As such there are n numbers of options in the assortment of wedding favors but I would prefer something unique and different. Let’s have few such favors for you.

small plant as favor

Greeting a small plant is really a nice idea as your guest will remember your favor forever as and when they see it. Not only for remembering, but this small step of yours will be towards the greener Earth. And if your theme is Eco-friendly, these kinds of favors are the best gift you can present to your guests.

Candles as favors are really a good idea. In the market you can easily find n numbers of candles in different shapes and size. And for sure, your guests are going to use it. What else you want, if your guests are using the favors presented by you, you will feel glad.

How can we forget about these small goodies? Goodies can be anything from candy to a showpiece. Candies chocolate are something which you can offer any time. Even you provide them with some kind of mouth refreshments as favors in different flavors.

This is just a small list of ideas which you can opt for favors. There are other lots of options, you can go for.  I would suggest that favors can be a thank you note or can be something very expensive, but it should be something reflecting you and your emotions. And if your favor is doing the same, your guest always wants to keep it with them.

So what favors, you are planning to present your guests. Do share.

Wedding With Polka Dots

Want to give a theme to your wedding? Have one for you. There are so many people who want to give a theme to their wedding but they have issues with the incorporating. Firstly, selecting a theme is a problem and if some how you get the theme, problem is how to execute it. And lastly if all is set about the execution part, problem is the cost incurred with it. So today I have come up with the theme which is inexpensive and at the same time admirable also.

So, Polka dots are the theme for the season. Most of you are aware about the Polka Dots. So my main focus with this is on the execution part, what all you can include in the theme and how it will work.

polka dots

Invitations: Starting with the invitations, what not, we can do with the polka dots. We can have polka dots printed on the invitations. Polka dots do not means that it should be in black and white combination only; you can have colorful polka dots also which resembles colors in your life. Not only the invitations, you can have it in all the other stationary required like save the date, RSVP, Thank you cards, Menu cards, Escort cards, etc. And you can attach a small bag of polka dots with it to make your guest understand about your theme.

Wedding attire for the bride and the groom: In this, I must say ‘ladies first’ so let’s start with bride, have lots of options for her. If bride wants to stick to white gown only, she can have colorful polka dots lace tie on her waist and a bow with it. This would definitely look elegant. Even she can have white gown with self-printed polka dots in it. She can have all other accessories in polka dots like Footwear’s, Bracelet, Bouquet, veil, Headgear, earrings, etc.

Now its turn for guys, they can have Tie and pocket square in polka dots, rest all is their choice.

Decorations: Wow my favorite section, decorations. If you like balloons you can go for decorations with balloons as put polka dots on it, so that it go with your theme. You can also use Polka dot ribbons or laces for the decorations; even you can use pillows of black and white color to give it a polka look. In the dining area you can use cutlery, table cover with polka dots, etc.  Even you can use flowers to give it a similar look like you can prepare a wedding arch and put flowers cluster for giving your theme a perfect look.

Wedding cake: If we are talking about wedding cake with polka dots, it becomes very easy for your confectioner to make a wedding cake for you. So now it’s up to your confectioner, how to bring best out of it.

Favors: With this theme you can consider any favor for your guest but to match your theme, it should be wrapped in the paper with polka dots. As such Photo frames with polka dots go best with it.

Confetti: when it is about confetti, it clicks me about the small size colorful paper in circular shape as confetti.

This is all about the polka theme wedding. Please suggest what we can add in this to make it a perfect theme wedding.