Let’s Design Wedding Guest Portfolio

Wedding is the occasion where you can do all sort of creative stuff as it is great opportunity to get artistic. Wedding guest book is the source of getting wishes from your gets, these wishes can be motivating, inspirational, or fun giving, etc. Guest book portfolio is something which will remain with you as a memento for your life time which you and your wife will enjoy reading in your free time.

Today traditional guest portfolio is something which become obsolete. People want their guest portfolio should be indifferent and signing the portfolio becomes a part of entertainment for your guest. After your wedding, you will leave with keepsake which will help you remember all, who were there with you in your wedding.

Let’s have some of my favorite portfolios as guest book. These are not just a portfolio but some of these, you can use for home decoration later on.

Book with envelops: you can have a blank book and paste small size colorful envelops on each of it page. Along with this book you can keep notecards so that guest can give their personal wishes. Not only this you can expand this in the form of wall hanging also.

Traveller guest book: This kind of portfolio goes with the couple who are travel loving. They can put some sort of ethnic globe where their guest can mark their favorite destinations, write their name, can mark their hometown, etc.


Pebble/ shells Jar: Your guest would really enjoy writing their name and wishes on the pebble with the help of sharpies. And at the last you will get a jar full of pebble which you will enjoy reading after wedding. Even can use it for decoration purpose or center piece for table.

Guest book Tree: This is among few common type of guest book. It is something which seems to be elegant and sober guest portfolios. Can ask your guest to write their blessing on the paper and hang it on the tree. It is more like a wish tree as in Dutch wedding custom.  These papers can be in the shape of leaf or simple card stock.

Silhouette is something what we called is obsolete. But if it is going with your wedding theme, you can call some silhouette artist at your reception and can create some effigy of your guest and on the same sheet can take their blessings. These sheets can be keepsake in an album.

These are my beloved ones. You can share your all-time favorite guest portfolio to make this a one stop for all those searching for guest book ideas.

Printing Options For Wedding Invitations

It’s easy to do designing and content part of the wedding invitations but when it comes about printing technique, all we know is zero. You can select the design and content of your choice but what about the printing part. If you have idea about printing, it may become easy for you. But for those who don’t know anything about printing and the end effect of the printing on the paper, it is really very important to know what options are available for the printing.

Here we are going to discuss few printing options which you can suggest your printer, while printing your wedding invitations.

  • Engraving is the process of raising the fonts on the paper, indented on the paper from back side. Text is etched on the copper plate from negative and paper is pressed between the weights and the copper sheet. This sandwich technique creates letter engraved on the sheet. This is classic way of engraving. Turnaround time for this technique is 4 weeks to 5 weeks, as block is prepared for the text to be printed on the paper. This technique is costly as compared to any other technique but becomes cost effective when you have to print the paper in bulk.
  • Thermography Technique is similar to the engraving one, only with respect to the looks, as the technique used is totally different. For printing, ink is fused with the raisin powder by heating and then is used for process. Raisin powder makes the printing looked engraved. But this is limited to few color options only. This technique takes only few days in the printing process. This printing technique becomes one of the popular methods today.
  • Foil stamping is the process of using foil for the printing process. In this Technique copper plate is pressed against the foil and it adhere the text on the paper. This technique is similar to the letterpress but at the same time provides you with the wide range of text style and motif choices. Turnaround time for the foil stamping is high and it will take 10 days if the printer is doing it in-house or otherwise it will take 4 weeks for printing. It is costly also.


  • Letterpress technique is one of oldest technique used for printing. If we talk about the printing process each letter is printed separately on the sheet like a typewriter. But we have limited options for the color of the ink to be used and the paper. For this technique, we need thick paper of light color mainly white and dark color ink for the printing process. Fonts type is limited with this technique therefore customization of the printing here is also very limited. It take time vary from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. And this technique is expensive also.
  • Offset printing is one of the most familiar printing techniques. Technique used for this is very simple as ink is transferred from the plate to the paper via rubber stamp. In this type of technique you will get number of options for color and the printing is flat on the paper like a digital printing. Design and fonts are more vibrant in this process. Turnaround time in this printing technique is between two to seven days.
  • Embossing process is similar to the engraving one but slightly on larger scale. Metal sheet is engraved but it is colorless. Mainly used for monogram, for borders, for printing address on the flap of envelops, and for the motifs.This technique gives your invitation a contemporary look. As this technique is similar to the engraved and letterpress printing, it takes same amount of the time in printing.

Are you ready to walk down the aisle?

Every Bride wants to look glorious while walking down the aisle as it is going to be her big day. She wants to be tantalizing for that day specially. As every eye is on her and the every moment gets frozen in time by photographers. You should always keep in mind that it is not just a day but its memories will remain forever. You can change your dress or your heels to make yourself comfortable but what about the makeup? It is something which you want to stay last longer till the time you say good bye to your last guest.

Most of you preferred to get your make-up done by professionals but those who wished to do it themselves, there are few important tips so that your face remains enticing throughout your wedding day.

Prepare your skin canvas: Before you start up with anything, most important is to prepare a canvas. After cleaning up your face properly, the most important thing is to apply the primer. Primer should be one suiting your skin as it will work as a base for your makeup.  You can also apply eye shadow or lip primer. Now it’s time for the foundation, always use the water based foundation matching your skin tone best. Or I must say it should be one tone darker than your face so that it gets blend very well on your neck. And the most important thing is to apply the foundation with the sponge or brush so that it will not leave any finger prints on your skin. Last is apply powder as it will absorb oil and minimize shine on your forehead, nose and chin.


Time for Killing eyes: After face, eye is conspicuous to take care about for a dazzling makeup. Before applying anything to the eye, it is always advisable to apply powder on your eye so that glow stays last longer. Always highlights your inner corner of the eye with a matching eye liner so that it looks brighter as the night progresses. Use water proof mascara so that your eyes lashes look best even with the tears in your eyes.

Time for your lips: Without perfect lips your face make up remains unfinished. So for your perfect lips, it is always advisable to put lip balm first as it will prevent you from dry lips. After that put your shade of lipstick and use blotting paper to remove excess and then in the last apply lip gloss to your lips. This helps your lips color to stay for longer time.

So that’s all about the bridal makeup. And you are ready to walk down the aisle. Please suggest, if you have anything else to add-on.

Planning To Get In Shape For Your Big Day

First rule of getting in shape is some motivational factor. Until and unless there is any motivation, you can’t achieve your goal. So what is the motivation behind getting in shape for the most of the woman for their big day? The simple answer to this is that they know all eyes will be on her that day. Shaping up not only make her look beautiful but it generates confidence in them. So there are some guidelines for you to get in shape.

Making Yourself Healthy : It is really very important to set up the targets to make yourself healthier. Before that your first step should towards knowing your strengths and weakness. As healthier does not mean that you have to start starving but it refers to healthier mind and toned up body. Might be starving helps you in achieving your goals soon but final outcome will be sallow skinned and dark circles beneath your eyes.Targets if set in proper manner helps you in focusing better.

Decide A Specific Goal : While setting up the target, you have to be very realistic. Sometimes you set up some fascinating targets but those in the end become difficult to attain in the last. And if you are not able to attain your set goals, in sometime you will get demoralize. Demoralization leads to laziness or dropping up the plan. So it is always advisable to set real or achievable goals.


Most of the time it happens that in the beginning your energy is very high to achieve your goals but as time passes you start skipping exercise due to your laziness. So it’s is always advisable to grab someone to join you. If you have someone to join you, there are less chances of skipping the exercise. Best one is your fiancé as in that case both are liable and accountable.

Keep Up A Proper Agenda : It is also very important to follow a schedule for your toned up body. Like in a week you can do exercises for three day and for rest three day can go for yoga or meditation. As meditation is the best way to clean up your body from inside. It is better to make a schedule in detail like if you are doing exercise for three days it should be predefined that on which day you will work out for which particular body part.

Obtain An ideal Body figure : Everyone knows that it is hard to achieve a toned up figure in the span of two or three months. So it is advisable to work out for that part of the body which is more peculiar like arms, shoulders, waistline and back line. These are the areas which you need to give more emphasis.  As these areas remain bared in your wedding gown and if it is properly toned up enhance your beauty in turn your confidence.

White Color Has Beauty In Itself

Do anyone of you every asked this question that why every bride wears a white gown? If yes, I have the answer but don’t know which one is most appropriate for you. There are two saying behind this white gown story.

First one is in 1840 Queen Victoria wore white color wedding gown. And this is the time when this style starts taking its shape. Earlier to that bride wore their most expensive cloth in their wedding. And the second one says that white is the symbol of purity, innocence and wholesomeness.

Wedding Dress

Might be these stories are true but I am more inclined towards the second saying. As white is the only color which is pleasing in itself. White is the color of perfection. Even white is consider to be one which clear clutter and obstacles away. For me White is the only color which balances all the other colors of the spectrum and it represent both positive and negative aspect of the colors.

Now let’s relate it with the wedding. There is no other ceremony as pure as wedding. Wedding is the only ceremony which every community celebrates, though the medium of celebrating it is different. And in every religion this is considered to be the purest one. And if it is so then wearing a white color gown on the wedding is adding up the purity in the ceremony.

Wedding makes two souls to start their new journey as one. So it is very important for them to start this journey with purity, wholesomeness and innocence. As I have already mentioned that this is the color which balances both negativity and positivity. And in this new journey both the souls have to balance the negativity and positivity of each other. This is how journey is going to be long lasting. Along with this it also clears the cluster and obstacle on the path of their journey.

Leaving all this apart, White color makes the bride look enticing, marvelous and admirable one. This is called to be the big day for both the bride and the groom, so it is important for both of them to look stunning. And I Don’t think there is no other color then white which solve the purpose.

Colorful wedding palette

Time has gone when people stick to one or two colors only as their wedding theme. Now it’s time to fill your life with colors. Colorful is in this wedding season so what are you waiting for. I can’t resist myself imagine colors everywhere. Not just red and black nor even white and blue, its colorful everywhere.


My brain starts storming with colors, colors and colors. How it would look when you will find everything colorful as you are. How can we make a colorful wedding palette a successful theme ?

 Got all the answers, when I attended one, colorful wedding. Everything over there was so well managed, keeping in mind the theme. Let me start it with bridal costume, can you imagine a bride in a colorful wedding gown?  Might be, it is difficult for you to imagine something other than white. But trust me; a colorful wedding gown was looking unpredictable and unmatched. Along with that a colorful bouquet and head gear, makes a bride looks fascinating and delicate.

The bridesmaids  dresses was also looking so beautiful with different colors but same style and off course the shoes were looking great, all of same pattern but different colors. And to give it a new look all of them were taking a colorful pinwheel in their hand. The chromatic color of the pinwheel added up the beauty of the costumes.

That wedding ceremony takes place in the backyard. The whole passage was covered with colorful mattress and you can find pinwheels every here and there. It was divided into two parts one for the ceremony and the other one for the receptions. Reception area was more colorful with a candy station, a colorful cake counter, rice crispy colorful sweet counter and much more than the ceremony ground.

Not only this, the dining tables were also very colorful with Grey strips, yellow and orange tabletops and rainbow color center piece were looking very stunning. And whole area was covered with hanging color bottle vases.

After the dinner, all guest were taken to the lake side and there they have arrange the colorful lantern. And to bless the bride and groom, have asked to lighten up the lantern and let it flow with the air. That ending was something astonishing and incredible.

Just love that wedding and it was on my mouth for weeks. The best colorful theme party I ever attended.

A monsoon wedding

Monsoon on your wedding day is something which is like a nightmare. Most of you think a monsoon on a wedding will end up with blunders as creates lots of trouble in your management until and unless you have option B. And if we talk about believe related to marriage it is considered to be a good omen. Do you belief so? If not let me lighten up some of the trivia. These trivia will explain you about a monsoon wedding and the omen related to it.

How can you imagine a monsoon wedding a good omen?  As it, will creates panic among the crowd. Read below to have the list of reason why they claim it good or bad omen.

monsoon wedding

These omens are good or bad depending on the culture you are in. Most of them consider it a good omen as it is a symbol of happiness, cleaning, fertility, unity, renewals and tears.

Happiness: Whenever there is monsoon, we feel happy and that’s the reason why most of them consider it as symbol of happiness in the married life.

Tears: As rain washed away tears from your face. It indicates that it will wash all the tears from the married couple life.

Unity: Whenever you tie a knot in wet cloth, it becomes difficult to open that knot, same way you’re married life bond will be stronger and longer. Both the couples get unit forever.

Renewals: Rain washed away dirt and clean up everything like a new one similarly, it will remove all the dirt present in the memories and left you with everything new.

Fertility: As after rain soil turns fertile, similarly it symbolizes that couple should have children in future.

It’s not enough as there is some bad omen related too. Like some consider rain represents tears and the bride have to cry throughout her married life.

According to me all these are just superstitions which have no relevance to our life. It’s all up to you whether you believe it or not or you consider it as bad or good. It is something which is not controlled by you or anyone else as all these are natural.

A Great Wedding Toast

Wedding toast is something on which you need to give great care. It is really a tough task. For some it gets choked up, others started it very high but ends up with blunder , few have public speaking fear and there are some which delivers  short and sweet one, but unremarkable.

Wedding toast

How you want a wedding toast to be like? Let’s focus on some of the tips which turn your toast a great one.

Self-work: It is really important to know your audience. Try to deliver it well and in timely manner. While delivering always tries to know, what will be touchy for your audience? If you want it to be funny, always share an incident with the audience. And the most important don’t make it inappropriate one.

Draft a speech: While drafting, try to match the tone of the party and then determine your speech. You can make it funny one but don’t add up any inappropriate incident or the incident which will create focus on you rather than the couple. While delivering, keep yourself focused on the aim. Give it from the heart to make it meaningful.

Practice: If you are confident enough then one or two rehearsal would be fine but if you are the one with stage fear, spend more time on it. Best is to stand in front of the mirror and then do practice so that, you will feel comfortable.

Body posture: While delivering speech, remain standup with smile on your face, should be confident and excellent body posture by standing straight with open hands. And lastly hold your glass with appropriate amount of drink in it.

Stay connected: Always make eye contact with the bride and the groom before starting and then with the two or three audience. While delivering, keeps your eye contact with the audience so that it shows that you are delivering to the whole crowd. And when you address someone’s name do eye contact with him so that he feels pleasure.

Along with these there are few more things which you need to focus on like always keep your toast small and sweet, Maintain leveled emotions and do jot it down if required. At the end conclude you’re the speech with a thoughtful toast for the bride and the groom.

And at the last ask all to cheers.

Let Peacock dance in this rainy season weddings

Peacock is the bird with vibrant colors. It looks great in rainy season flaring out its feather, showing those beautiful colors. So let’s make your wedding with the peacock theme wedding invitations. Some beautiful peacock wedding cards are here to make your wedding more colorful and vibrant.

 Peacock theme wedding invitations

  • White and Blue Peacock Invitation: Beautiful creation of invitation with white envelope and blue card. Envelope is decant and sober and at the same time, chromatic card with n number of colors. On card, can see peacock with open feathers filled with vibrant colors and the golden color in the feather enriching its beauty.
  • Blue color with actual peacock feather: Card in blue color with self-design of parsley in a shade of blue giving it nice combination. Actual feather at the center make it look more exquisite. And feather with a flute represent god Krishna. This is the one what we call unmatched. Combination of blue color with green and blue feather makes it simply great.
  • Pink n blue invitation blue flap with a feather design in curved shaped give it a contemporary look and elegant envelope with just a feather design. This is the one suiting to everyone’s choice as card in having colors for everyone irrespective of age.
  • Blue invitation with Ganesh in feather trunk: Blue color invitation card for those who want traditional wedding invitations. Feather trunk of Ganesh makes it look unique. Parsley design in combination of blue and golden color and along with that image of Ganesh in golden color giving it a balance.

Craziest Wedding Destinations

Let’s break the traditional way of saying “I DO”. Today people want to do crazy things with their life mate at the time of wedding. Are you the one who think so? If yes, I have bucket full of crazy ideas for you. For this you need to be open for doing such unusual things to celebrate your big day. Let’s start this journey with some off-the-beaten-track ideas.

Hot air balloon Imagine you in between sky and ground while saying “I DO”. How it feels when you are celebrating your big day, flying in the air, standing inside a hot air balloon with your life partner. For me this feeling is unimaginable.  Add-on to this is additional hot air balloon taking your guests, so that they will be there with you to greet you at the time of landing. The landscape from there will be like a utopia and at the same time the feeling of fear and happiness together makes it unmatched.

Sky diving If I have to explain what will I feel doing so on my wedding, ends up with “goose bumps “. How do you feel falling down over 120MPH, just after saying “I DO” with your life partner? Seems to be romantic! Starting your new journey like this is really awesome not only for you but also for your relatives and friends witnessing the same. I must say this is something which you will never forget in your life time.

Wedding Destinations

Mountain top this seems to be decent. Feeling of landed on the ground but at the same time you are nowhere in this world. The view of nature from there is something remarkable for you and your near and dear ones. With such a destination for your Wedding, you must end with awesome clicks and sweet memories.

Dolphin wedding:  Sweetest one not exactly the craziest destination. Sweet as at the time of exchanging rings dolphins come up with your wedding rings.  They make it special not only for you but also for the guest. Dolphin as your witness in your celebrations is a good idea.

Desert is known to be the hottest place. You will find sand everywhere till your range of vision. All dress up in traditional outfits and you will find yourself surrounded by camel, palm trees and a small pond of water.

Lapland Reindeer farm wedding what it feels when Reindeers take you through snow forest and drops you in front of chapel made of snow and ice. People standing out there to greet you. Inside the igloo you do all the wedding rituals. And after wedding can meet the people staying there and know more about their culture.

These themes are really crazy. Isn’t it? Do you know something better than this? If yes, do share your ideas.